Friday, September 10, 2010

a request for cards

I wrote this on my happiness blog: My godparents who are celebrating 61 years of marriage today make me happy every time I chat with them. Uncle Johnny grows more weak but still keeps his sense of humor. We have every intention of celebrating his 90th birthday on Sept 28th. I'd love to inundate him with cards from everywhere. So if you'd like to spread some happiness, email me and I'll send you his snail address.

Oh my...wouldn't that be more fun than anything? think what we could get going here. ''

Aunt Patsy, tho knees are weak and hands are riddled with RA, grows stronger out of necessity. Her life has never been easy but she's kind and good and loving.

Now, I thought I'd copy it here in hopes that some of my Faithful Readers would help me...send this wonderful couple a card of appreciation or cheer. If you want to help, email me and i'll send you their address. You can just sign your name and say you are my friend. It'll be fun. This picture was taken 15 years ago....but can you imagine the fun we've had through the years. Pass along the request....please.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Fun! I'll do it! That's a cute picture too.

Lin Floyd said...

send me their address. nice photo

Dawn Mercedes said...

spreading the word!

Christi said...

How sweet!! I will definitely send some love! :)

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