Friday, September 17, 2010


Here's my opinion as I look at the political parties today. I truly don't believe in the parties nor that there is one, defining line between them. Way too many crossovers. Nor do I believe that every Democrat wants more government and believes in abortions. I also don't believe that all Mormons are or ought to be/have to be Republicans.

Years and years ago, remember....I'm old, when it was time to register to vote, I registered as Democrat. And that's where I stand today. No, I do not vote straight party ticket. I do my best to research the issues and the candidates. No, I did not vote to Obama in the National Election and nor will I want him to have a 2nd term.

Was he born in the US? YES! Is he a Muslim? NO! Other than his citizenship, who cares? I have another friend who's crazed over his hatred of this president and that's scary. I would never feel that way. I would hope that more prayers would be said for the guidance of our once great the hopes that it can return to that status again. But I'm not that unrealistic.

And the TEA party? Really? I really think they needed another name. All I can see when I hear about the TEA party are the Sons of Liberty and the tea dumped in Boston Harbor, Johnny Tremaine and his brunt fingers, of the hidden meetings of the patriots, etc. And then I start singing

Sure it's a corny movie but it still brings me to tears to think that a group of brave men and women would fight for freedom...the freedom to believe as they wished. The freedom to be free from England's tyranny. To be able to govern America was meant to be.

It's never bothered me to be registered a Democrat. No one bothered me about it. They'd tease me, perhaps. But didn't insult me. Now I have a 'friend' (and you can see by the way I just wrote that, that she's not a friend any longer) who insists she loves me even in with fatal flaw. She's discussed me with her husband and he thinks I'm a communist. Well, I've never been that but as a dyed in the wool muckraker, I probably am more of an anarchist.

What is it about politics that drive people to insanity? Why would you insult a friend even in jest about their political registration? Is this what makes the world turn? I'm not in the political arena at all. I serve at the pleasure of the Lord..... and try my best in whatever arena I may be in. Home, community, library, schools, Right-to-Life, church, etc.

So today, I realized it's better if I steer clear of this sort of people. These people would have probably been Tories to the death. My UPS friend, Randy, is so accepting of other people's views/beliefs....even if they aren't his. And mostly they aren't. And he always wants you to explain WHY you feel the way you do. I am not good at this cuz for me it's gut feeling and my gut feelings have seldom lead me astray. NO, I correct that....they have never lead me astray.

So there all y'all (Robert says that what I just put was too harsh but I'll leave it to you to imagine what message I was sending my 'friends'.)


Jocelyn Christensen said...

People need to not get so offended about politics.

Lin Floyd said...

well it's not your gratitude journal lol, but it is very susist not communist. are people still accusing other of that? free agency and choice is what freedom and america is about. i voted for obama in spite of the fact that he's a democrat. i'm not registered as either democrat or republican though i've mostly voted republican. we should all stand for truth and elect those who are honest in all their dealing.

JP said...

I have no idea why people get soooooooooooo fired up about politics! And why conversations about them are seldom calm and peaceful!

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