Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Guest Blogger

Today I got to be a guest blogger over at http://beinglds.blogspot.com.

I am in NYC with Marissa, Hank and baby Henry and using their Apple is a bit different than my PC....otherwise I would have added a proper link.But it was fun to write and I thank Jocelyn, not only for asking me but also for actually posting it. Me, who asks for people to not be so militant, seems to be pretty militant herself/myself...OK...so I know myself.

I took the smallest jet have ever seen last night. A school bus is wider! Because of weather conditions in NYC the original flight at 6:30pm was delayed 4 hours. Then they suddenly saidwe would board at 9:15 and leave. We boarded at that time but then sat on some runway for 45 minutes. But we finally got off and flew far about the storms.

I have flown many times during college years but not often at night. So it was fun to look down and see a blanket of clouds beneath and a love moon above. We landed safely and I walked out to find the transportation area. Stood in a long queue to get a taxi. Cool system.

You stand in this queue, inch forward in an orderly fashion (not crazily like Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle). When you get to the yellow taxi kiosk a woman hands you an instructional paper and tells you which cab number to go to. In you go and off you go.

I gave the driver the address. We are now on some 'highway' and there's an exit ahead. He asks me if this is the correct exit. I tell him I have never been here (which is true..not on this road, not from the airport). So he pulls into a middle area of the road, directly in front of the EXIT 43 sign and informs me that he will GPS the addresss. Now? I wonder. Now, in the middle of the street? Yes, Now. And he then gets the info and we exit. Phew....almost safe.

He dropped me right off at the apartment building. I paid him, tipped him (which Marissa said was too much, oh well), and Marissa came down to get me. I was so grateful to fall into the bed.

I awoke early, as I always do, called Robert to be certain he was up (he was). Man...I miss him. I'm sorry that he could not come with me (and so is he) but I am glad he was willing to let me leave him to come and play with baby Henry and Marissa and Hank.

I went back to sleep and heard the lovely honking of horns...I love honking horns and cann't figure out why people don't. But a few hours later....like 3....I was startled awake by finding young Henry lying on a pillow, right by my face. Hank was leaving for work and he wanted to see the moment I saw Henry in the flesh. I told Marissa and Hank that they did a great job! Thi is a wonderful looking baby. He has this great head of hair...and oh, you should see his toes...they are so long, they are his Mom's and Robert's. Amazing long slender fingers.

I can't figure out how to get the pix off my camera and put here so that will have to wait until I get home. I am having a great stay here...altho it will be short.


Lin Floyd said...

what a special occasion to welcome yet another grandchild into your family...glad you flew safely. tell the happy parents congrats even if I've never met them.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Glad you made it there safely! I was going to call, but didn't want to take you away from the baby! Thanks for writing a post for my little celebration! I think I just about finished memorizing the Family Proclamation...

Dawn Mercedes said...

ooh, what a good dad, hank is! and son in law.

heather said...

You are one lucky woman!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Hey Mom - You received recognition for your excellent post today on Diapers and Divinity: http://diapersanddivinity.com/2010/09/30/behold-a-blog-stuff-extravaganza/

scroll all the way down to see the post-it blog post awards.

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