Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I hesitate in writing often about The Family and it's proclamation this month (altho in reality, most of my entries are about my family in one way or another....mainly cuz I was asked to blog guest and my blathering won't post til the end of the month. But today, I read the 2 on having kids.

I commented on the one that altho I had wanted 8, only got 5 which was plenty, I end up with this yearning for more. Last week, we ran into a friend whose adopted daughter (horrible scarred inside and out by her natural parents) works at Cedar Point in the summer, gets pregnant, has the child and drops them, literally leaves them for her mom to raise (the adopted mom, thank goodness). Right now my friend has 2 and announced the 3rd is on its way. But Lois is going thru the system to obtain legal custody of the 2 and allow children services to remove the 3rd one at birth. On the way home, I mused that maybe we could adopt one. Robert looked at me very strangely and he never refuses me anything. But he announced we are too old. And he's right.

A few days later another friend called. She has a young friend who is pregnant, does not want to abort (hallelujah) but knows she cannot raise this child. She wanted it placed somewhere to be adopted safely by a mom AND dad. My friend asked if our church had something along these lines. I am grateful we do. The process has begun.

I have had several friends adopt through the system and are so blessed. And strong and brave and Solomon-wise is the mom who can give up her child to moms/dads who can care for the infant forever. Their stories are heartbreaking and then filled with joy. I know another young couple who are waiting for a child to be entrusted to them, and we pray this happens soon.

I spent the weekend with 3 of my grands. And we had a great time....the started school just yesterday.

I just talked with another of my girls who has 5 (5 of the 8 above are hers, taken at our family reunion in Palmyra) and she just told me all about her kids' doings.

And we are awaiting the birth of another grand.
Soon, we hope....for the sake of that mom. Soon and not on a NYC subway, btw!.

So altho i am too old to adopt, sometimes there is still a place and a need for grandparents. We were able to spend some time with Jocelyn's kids and one even spent the night in our motel room. It was heavenly. In October we will go to Cara's and help in their Monster Ear booth for their city celebration. Grands are great....whether you have one or are one. If we all could be as sweet and as innocent as this all our doings and in all our thoughts. We are told to become as a little child. And for good reason. And if we were to be as a little child, we would be as forgiving and as loving and as open as they are. And life would be good....even better.


Lin Floyd said...

grandparenting is much easier than adopting...I had my last little one at 42 and it wasn't until I was 61 that he graduated...

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Grandparents are wonderful! Your are so good to be a part of your grandchildren's lives.

Sophia said...

beautifully written, susan. Having been on both sides of this, I'm here to say that being both is a blessing!


Nikki said...

Grandparents are wonderful!!! They can be such a good influence in the lives of grandkids. I have/had wonderful ones, and my kids have wonderful ones. I am sure you and bishop are awesome grandparents.

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