Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good Words, Good Thoughts

First off, I apologize for the next statement. I really like some TV shows. I really enjoy a script that has good words and good thoughts, that make me think good things. Recently, I have netflixed Life On Mars...the American TV version, not the British. Robert and I have so enjoyed the episodes and eagerly await the next disk. We love the intertwining story lines. Takes some genius to write such and then to act it....especially to act like you were living int he 70s. I also love to read good books that have good lines. Great words. I was never good at listening to Neal A. Maxwell. I could chew over his words ... over and over again, especially his alliterations ... but by the time I got back to listening to him, he would have totally passed where I had left off. I had to read him.

All this month of concentrating on the family because of 2 blogs and then having to concentrate on CHARITY ... well, you know...it's all bound to get me in trouble. And that's why I loved what I just listened to while knitting. Didn't check to see who had written this episode on government and I apologize to him/her/them. Cuz now I am going to quote the few lines...exchanging FAMILY for government.

"Family, no matter what its failure in the past and in times to come, for that matter...Family can be a place where people come together and where no one gets left behind....where no one gets left behind."

I didn't repeat that last line...Toby did. I just emboldened the words. It was those words that caught my attention, made me put down the knitting, pick up paper and pencil, rewind and pause til I got it exactly correct.

I also have been listening, not reading, The Great and The Terrible by Chris Stewart (same author who has out The Seven Miracles that saved America...or some such title) thanx to Terese.....who is loaning all 5 volumes. Just listening and envisioning....it's obvious to pick out the evil one...story line, government, families. It's all there.

So...don't leave anyone behind.


Lin Floyd said...

good advice but difficult to achieve in families when one or more members want to be go their own way and be left alone...

the sleepy time gal said...

i love your profile quotation!

thanks for being a part of my guest posting yesterday!

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