Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fitting in

I just read Jocelyn's comment about when we traded in the Yellow Van for the Vanagon. She said we could just never 'blend in' with our cars. (Robert just said, "I didn't know that Jocelyn was a blend-in kinda girl...and because of the van, is that why she doesn't blend in now?) And she's correct. I guess we didn't have or could afford cars that made us fit in with the general populace. and I wondered just now...was that bad or good?

When we had such distinctive cars, and moreso when the kids began to drive, everyone knew where we were. Even if they didn't see our bodies. I was reminded of this with that comment. Friends would call and say, "hey, we saw you were at ______ or _______" and we would chuckle and remark that it's a good thing we never went to undesirable places because we would always be found out.

And that was not a bad thing.

I also have a friend who works as a dispatcher in a local police department. I cannot tell you how many times she saved us from getting a ticket (including Robert who got pulled over right in front of her PD). Yes, it's now always what you this case it was WHO you knew. One time she called to tell me Jordan had been pulled over in the Village. I was not to say who told me so I just made the comment to him that I knew he was caught and he needed to be careful. He always thought it was his friend's mom and they right near that spot. So until today, I have never openly admitted it was my dispatcher friend. Yes, he probably should have gotten a ticket, but with our limited finances and with the additional insurance fees, those saves were saves indeed.

So to my kids, I think I am not sorry that we didn't blend in. That our standards did not make us fit in. And I hope they never do. I have often had to console them that being right is often a lonely place. But in reality, they are never truly alone when they are right. We have a couple of super unseen friends who we can always rely on.

But it's often not the easy road to stand your ground but so worth it. My advice on this Sunday morn is....don't fit it...stand out....shine noticed.

ed. note...I corrected the mistype. Jocelyn did not say FIT in...she said BLEND in. I knew that cuz i typed what Robert said. I truly did mistype altho fits and blends are pretty much the same.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

I didn't say fit in...I said blend in! Our van looked like a small school bus! But you're right...I never was one to blend in with the crowd...and the cars certainly announced our arrival!

Lin Floyd said...

good advice for a sabbath morning...

teamk said...

I think I need to save this entry for a future included on exactly what you said. thanks mom!

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