Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I can actually make very good donuts from scratch. Defensive statement #1.

Years and years ago, we all attended Lorain's International Festival...still a favorite activity. Year after year I would first hit up the Irish both for their corned been sandwiches but that group disappeared. Next I would hit up the Greek booth for these donut type things. This one year, while my parents stopped at another booth, I scurried ahead to see if these delectables were still being offered. They I stood to the side and waited for my folks. But then I happened to look behind the booth, to where the food was being prepared (always a spy for hints on good cooking...defensive statement #2). And what did I see? Did I get a good hint? Oh yes, I got a hint.

These people were making my favorite donuty things OUT OF CANNED BISCUITS! Each biscuit was cut into quarters and fried. I was incensed. I'd been paying good money for donuty things made out of a can of biscuits that probably cost 25 cents back in the day. Man! delusion destroyed (or as Gracie Slick would put it..."When the truth is found, to be lies..and the joy within you dies"..... {yes I'm still on a Gracie Slick kick} ).

But today, still getting into the groove of cooking a real dinner for my man (How I love him so, he'll never know....aka Streisand), I decided he needed some donuts. And rather than fussing all morning and probably running out of time (defensive statement #3) because he's got to be at work early today and my potato dough recipe takes longer than most, I ran up to Apples and bought a can of Buttermilk Biscuits. Cut out the center, fried and sugared. Not bad for not being totally homemade. But they were made at part might be true (defensive statement #4). You still gotta love all the hints you get wherever you get them....


Keri said...

Thats too funny. We made Out of the can 'home-made' donuts all the time growing up. They were a fav treat for after FHE. I now make them the same way for my kiddos. And they love it. My hubby thought I was crazy at first but, was quickly converted. Enjoy your quick, little, fried, sugar treat.

Lin Floyd said...

wow, I haven't had a donut for years...looks great!

Dawn Mercedes said...

oh you know, adelle was just lamenting to me that we never made your donuts! I think she wants the "Real ones." haha

Dawn Mercedes said...

Adelle has just seen these...and she "wants to make the good ones!" haha

Millie said...

they look yummy, but i avoid them. nice job.

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