Thursday, September 02, 2010

book recovered

The amazing woman that I have been blessed to test-bake for as she will be publishing her newest cookbook next year, has a great letter for the month. You won't be able to access all her recipes unless you have subscription but you can read a lovely article on her kitchen, how she leaves it for a time and then returns to it. You will actually see and feel the events she talks about. Amazing woman. Great read! MARCY GOLDMAN

Again, I lost something, misplaced really. And do you know what that does to my brain! I didn't feel up to sleeping in the middle of Friday night so I got up and read. I put my glasses in as a bookmark but come Saturday morning, I knew I needed to get my Elvis bookmark that Dawn had stamped for me since I had to wear my glasses. I remember putting in the bookmark, laying the book on the end of the sewing machine cabinet in the upstairs study. And that's the last remembrance of the book I had.

So it's time to read....can I find the thing! Not at all. So I start the insane hunt. Robert and I even went
dumpster diving before the trash men arrived. Could I have thrown it out with the newspapers It was NOWHERE to be found. I enlist Robert's help in the house (good thing about having a spouse is having a helper in all things). Still NOTHING. Time passes and I am crazed. We were watching TV and Robert chides me gently for not watching the show, what was I looking at, he asks. I was searching the book shelves on either side of the fireplace. Could it be there? No. I had every detail of the book down cold...color, signs...title. Just not the book. And it was a library book! I knew I could renew it about 3 times so I had a good 2 months to find it. BUT I WANTED IT NOW!

On Tuesday, I actually got on my knees and prayed.....PLEASE! Heavenly Father. Help me find my book. You'd think I had lost something totally irreplaceable. Still no book.

Now let me skip forward to my dream on Tuesday night...which luckily I remember bits and pieces of, and had actually written down words as notes. I was at Dawn house and it appeared she had gotten a bunch of black cats (I am so not a cat lover and couldn't figure out why Dawn had cats). They were cute and nice looking but on further investigation they weren't cats at all....they were baby ewes. And I was Little Bo Peep, suddenly. Finding a lost sheep. (wierd, yes, I know). And I found that stupid black wee sheep.

Now back to the book.....Tuesday night I decided to sew. I realized I had to change the color thread and opened the little cupboard in the cabinet and what is sitting there? That stupid book. Now really...why in the world would I put the book IN THAT SPACE? It made no sense and I had no recollection of doing it. but there it was. I sewed but then I read the book before going to sleep.

But as I thought about the dream, of looking for the lost sheep and my praying and looking for the library book, I thought: How many times I have dropped to my knees to pray over the silliest of things? And when truly desperate, I call
Connor for his prayers...he seems to have this direct link to answers. And sometimes, there is no answer but time. So I sat thinking how we are told to pray continually, for all things.

So envision the Father, sitting up there, doing whatever it is He has to do, and imagine prayers on some sort of wings attacking Him. Prayers to find lost books, lost rings, lost earrings, the Polish War Medallion. And all the time, He just lovingly says, "Oh give, Susan time to fret and stew and hunt. And when she leasts expects it, the item will appear. It's not's just misplaced." And He goes about his own duties. But me? I have no patience. I cannot wait. I want it NOW.

So why, I wonder, are those prayers so intense and demanding when there are so many other, real concerns, that just get a line or a thought. I am totally backwards. And since we are concentrating on Family this month (remember to check out JOCELYN and CHOCOLATE), I will concentrate on my prayers for them being more intense and demanding (respectfully) than for my misplaced items.

PS...the book I misplaced?
The Mark by Marilyn Bunderson


Lin Floyd said...

funny, I'm a true believer in praying for lost things and have found many. I think God delegates His angels to take care of minor prayers like that. I always find what I am looking for but sometimes not for a!

JP said...

i do that all the time now i can't find clark's little yellow guy....he disappears all the time and i always find him in a new spot!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Nice!!! :)

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

The power of prayer is real...even for the seemingly little things.

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