Monday, September 20, 2010


Today, after breakfast Robert started making noise and movements in the front room. Lo, and behold, he decided to continue with the awful task of again painting. Remember, I did mention we bought the paint before we started the dining room horror. But we needed more ceiling paint so off we went to Sherwin Williams.

On the way, we pass the Tomko dealer and Robert remarked how many Jeeps this Chrysler dealership sells, and how many continually are lined up Walked Road. He then says, this dealership must be very popular to have stayed in full business.

I reminded him that my mom and bonpapa loved this place. And Robert says, Bonpapa was loved by everyone. And I said, he loved THEM, Tomkos! and again Robert said, THEY loved HIM..and your mom. Remember when we went in to look at a Jeep they just raved about our folks?

And he was correct. So I replied, And who didn't love bonpapa? No one that I've ever run across. He was a man among men, and no one could match him.

Bonpapa never got mad or angry at anyone. Very odd! and if he was unhappy with someone or a situation, he just got over it. He let it go. He never held a grudge. He didn't try to make things all go his way. He was so kind and so loving.

I missed him today. Sure wish he was around this morning, cuz I could have used some of his wisdom. I have none for myself in some areas and at some times.

So instead, I giggled with Teri over a picture she found. She has her own oompa loompa...but i will NOT share the picture. You don't get to have that giggle. Especially if I am trying to be like Bonpapa.

So I missed him but am glad Teri is as perverse as I am. We make a lethal pair, I fear.


Lin Floyd said...

oh no, there's another person just like you? lol!

JP said...

Roger was the best!!

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