Thursday, August 05, 2010


I have been mulling this over for a few the hours. I thought I'd write something just to hear how it sounded for my ears...but then I thought, maybe other people have better thoughts on it than I do. So let's see who has a view.

What's the difference between saying:

I'm gonna tell your mom?
I'm gonna beat your head so hard your mom will feel it?

I think there is a difference but what comes to my mind is the first is something my generation as kids might have said. The second falls into a total different category. But does it really? To me, it does..the 2nd is a threat of violence and involves the violence spreading beyond the initial parties.

I thought about another incident this summer. Between older boys I know. And when I repeated the story to some friends, they quickly said that if these things had been done/said in school, the kids would have been suspended. And the police called.

That worked for me. After Columbine and all the other places, I certainly see the wisdom of being certain the cops have a report so that when or if something horrible should happen that there was a record, a warning.

Once a number of years ago, we had a foreign exchange student living with us. There was an incident and he had hoped we never heard about it. However, the kids at the middle school reported it to my child who told me. The problem...the exchange student and his buddy thought it came from my high school student (they had no clue how widespread their actions had been). And that high school student of mine was threatened with.....

and I know which window is your bedroom.

Did I report it? You are darned tootin'. To the school and to the cops. We allowed the foreign exchange student to walk through graduation but we didn't have to do that. But he was not allowed to stay in the states as he had planned....not allowed by the school and the foreign placement organization.

This morning I heard about a man who upon being fired and told he was suspected of stealing from the company, opened his lunch box and took out 2 guns and killed 8 people. I'd love to know how the events escalated to this point and could there have been some signs of what might happen? And why on this one day of days, did he have 2 guns in his lunchbox? did he have them before?

Do I think it could have been stopped? No...not really! Not in that case. So how do you moms out there with wee kids deal with the heightened sense of hatred and voilence? And how about you moms my age...what do you think?


Lin Floyd said...

It's a scary world with bullies continuing and in fact seemingly increasingly at least the reporting of their activities. I faced bullies at school in my days. Just another name for criminals.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Take it all very seriously, I guess.

Sherri said...

Bullies are everywhere. School, life, work. Turn around in the grocery line on a busy day and you probably saw a couple of them (if not more).

Finding the CLARITY to follow our instincts, and the Holy Ghost, will permit us to have some semblance of peace. Peace to know the kids are safe at school. The spouse is safe at work. Those in the world are safe as they face road-rage among other affronts.

How else do we live in a world full of crime, hate, and mis-understandings?

Dawn Mercedes said...

specifically, it was "I'm going to punch your head so hard your mom hurts." Which I interpret as "i'm going to knock your block off" aka Kill You ...and you mom will be hurting...emotionally.

But of course that bully "is just a young kid feeling his way through life" and it wasn't considered violent. And he demonstrated "a great deal of restraint" when he said that to the kid who was saying "I'll tell your mom and dad on you."

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