Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Thought I would post a couple of pictures with a few comments.

The first 2 are of me being pretty excited to open the serger box when UPS delivered it. The next one shows my concern. Thread it? Really? what is it asking me to do on the loopers? I'm very good at reading instructions and carrying them out...but this is really a lot of loops, guides, etc. I can see why a lot of people, once they get it threaded just knot on the new threads and pull them through....never to thread again unless needed. Personally, I think it would be wise to learn how to thread. I'm working on it. But I am pleased.

The next picture is of Robert. Saturday. We got home from the funeral before the rain. It was barely sprinkling. I started cleaning and Robert disappeared. Next I hear real rain thundering around me. I look for Robert a couple of times. When I did find him, he looked like the Gorton Fisherman...NorEaster hat and all.Now I want you to study this picture. Notice the rain pouring out of the gutter over the patio? Robert was up on a ladder, cleaning out the gutter...IN THE RAIN. You might notice how drenched his jeans are. And now..what's with using the hose in a rain like this? Besides drinking from it? Well, that area in the background is quite dry...doesn't seem to get a lot of rain ever and Robert had just planted a grape vine there and wanted to be certain it got watered...so between the rain and the hose, I think the grapes got a great start.

This procedure will have to be done again, later fall, when the trees have shed their leaves. But Robert wanted it cleaned out now...rain or no rain.

I made him go into the garage, close the door, and strip out there. Otherwise, he'd have dripped through the house. Lucky for me the laundry is right inside the door from the garage to the house. What a mess....but the drains are running free. Thanks, Robert. You are and always have been my hero.


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