Thursday, August 26, 2010

lost and found

Yesterday, on my Happiness blog I posted that I had found what I had lost. And noticed that I was asked what I had lost and then found. So here goes the stories of my getting-old brain.

First off...what I did not find. I bought a Cricut over a year ago. While chatting with Dawn who happened to be at her friend's home, the friend said I needed this computer program which made the Cricut do other things. I bought it, installed it, used it, enjoyed it...then came my falls and I haven't been Cricutting at all. The program had been installed on a laptop which recently died. I didn't think a thing about it until Billie asked if she could borrow the program, but she couldn't for a couple of reasons...assigned to me, on a laptop that was no longer. So I thought, hey, I oughta reinstall it on the new laptop. But altho I have the box and every other piece of material and cables, there is no disk. BooHoo.

Yesterday i was sewing and needed to get a tool that goes to my sewing machine. The tools are in a little white pouch. I only bought the machine last year so it wasn't moved from 809 to 3830. I know I had it. But could I find it? No! And anyone can tell you how I get when I lose things. Insane. I hunted and frowned and fussed. I looked in the same places over and over and over. It could only be in one room. I tore dresser drawers apart. The closet. Under the bed. In the night stand. Nowhere.

I got vexed and decided to take a shower, wash my hair to get ready for Book Club (which by the way was These Is My Words, Vol 1....see below), and then try to calm down. As soon as I got out of the shower, I walked into the same room, put my hand on the same container bag that I had dug through 5x and there it was. Now how do these things happen? See what insanity and vexation does to me? to you? I resumed my sewing and then thought....I wonder where I can put these so this doesn't happen again. The cover of the machine has a spot it could go into but it could fall out of that as well. Then I flipped open the area on the machine itself, in front of the throat plate. There's a compartment that holds the normal 5 presser feet and the bobbins. I picked it up and realized there was storage space underneath that tray that totally holds all the tools in the plastic pouch. I'm ready to go now. As long as I don't lose the sewing machine, I won't lose the tools.

Book Club. I went to Book Club last night having NOT read the book. And here's why. Robert has this habit of seeing one of my books and deciding he will read it. Altho it's never far from where I can read it, it's always elsewhere...problem 1. Problem 2 is that this time, he kept making comments about the's a bodice many things could not happen to just one person.....oh, oh, she nearly got raped....(and the final comment) you can't read this book, it's too sad.

Now I also have their quirk, if people go nuts over a book in this manner or if they keep insisting I should read a book, I usually don't. That's why I never read Watership Down. And so I just couldn't/didn't read this one. I thought I might after I heard the discussion but after I did, I decided I did not want to have to read all 3 volumes. So Faithful readers, I just probably will let this one go. September's book will be:

In the Lake of the Woods, by Tim O’Brien

(The Things They Carried)

Have any of you read it?


Lin Floyd said...

thanks for answering my question. I too lose things, I look and look ask hubby and then try praying that usually brings results if not-I forget it for awhile and it usually magically reappears. No stress. I don't read depressing or violent books or watch that kind of movie-no space in my life for that after watching the news. lol!

heather said...

People kept telling me how much they loved These is my Words and that I just HAD to read it. Like Robert, I read the first 50 pages or so and thought, "They loved THIS?! No way. This is horrible." And I nearly stopped reading.

BUT! I didn't stop. I persevered, and LOVED it. So if you ever reconsider, you can know there's something good to look forward to.

Also, I've heard the others aren't as good, so I'm not going to read them. I don't want to ruin a good thing.

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