Saturday, August 21, 2010

Butches I have known

Jocelyn's friend has a great entry on Butch Cassidy. She posted some cool stories as well as this wonderful picture. I wonder if there's anyone out there who has not seen the movie "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." I remember bits and pieces of it but after reading Cocoa's entry, I think I need to netflix it and view it again.

I attended BYU when Robert Redford had bought the ski lodge/resort and renamed it Sundance. It was always a treat to see him walking down Center Street. He used to have coffee or whatever in this one little shop. My favorite memory is walking right behind him into the old Smith Fieldhouse to watch a Cougar basketball game. Redford was handsome enough on his own but oh if you could have only seen and smelled the wonderful 3/4 length leather coat he wore. MAGNIFICENT!

No I didn't talk to him nor drooled on his leather...but I could have. I did in my head and in my memory all these years later.

Never saw Paul Newman up close but I can see why those 2 actors were chosen to star in the movie....they fit the bill.

I clicked on that picture on the blog so I could see the detailing on Butch's shirt...interesting placket. Hmmmmmmmm.......I must really be entering another sewing phase.

Yesterday Robert and I went to visit the new flea market in Elyria ( don't bother). As we were leaving, we ran into Carl Horvath. He asked after the kids and was surprised that "butchie" was married and a dad. "BUTCHIE"? Yep, that's what he called Jordan.

I still smile as I write this because it's so odd that one thing, one comment would have lasted in one man's head all these years. We were always The Hatch Batch. One Sunday the family was singing a song in church. Whoever typed up the program (and it might have been Carl back in the day) called to see how we wanted the names printed. I can't recall the discussion exactly but I might have said, The Hatch Batch, to which the caller said, "Is it The Hatch Batch and Butch?" since Jordan was the only son. I laughed but didn't laugh so much when I got to church and looked at the program. Each kid's name was listed thusly:

The Hatch Batch

Jordan was NEVER Butch nor Butchie. He was ONLY Jordan....except for that one time and then again yesterday. Oh my goodness!

I only know one other Butch, and that's Butch (really Emmett) Garton. An amazing man who takes care of his very cantankerous wife. Chris as MS and is nowhere as kind and as considerate as Linda who also has MS and has an amazing husband to care for her (thanks Ken). And Butch puts up with everything Chris dishes out. Sometimes, no often, Butch goes for walks around the block for his heath sake...mental, physical, emotional. He's a good looking man, younger than me, but has had a full head of silvery white hair. Quick with a humorous comment. He's been a good man for a long time, now an even greater one. I know neither Butch nor Chris computer enough to read this blog but Butch, thanx for taking care of Chris....I think after the funeral today I might drive by and say this to him in person.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

that's a kind tribute

Lin Floyd said...

interesting post. I've never known a butch but did know a guy named Buddy who set me up with my first blind gate ever in JR. College with our studentbody president who later turned up to be engaged-that in my articles on my early is fascinating.

teamk said...

I thought we called him Butch at times because he had a butch haircut and enjoyed the tube of hair wax!

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