Monday, August 02, 2010

ice cream and friends

This morning Pam called and invited us to go with her and Ken to get ice cream...yes, at 9am they call and we were out the door within 5 minutes. To Sandusky, they said....interesting trip for ice cream.

However, we have made it a tradition to get DQ when we get something a car. And Ken has been wrangling for a new car so I figured we were going to Sandusky to pick up a car he had already purchased. Not so. Pam and Ken make a list of things they want to do in the summer and this trip to the ice cream parlor hadn't been checked off. Since Robert starts night shifts this week, but not until tonight, and because I told him he was doing NOTHING yesterday nor today, they thought they could keep him busy...away from home.

We took a round about way getting there, almost to Toledo, in fact...but the day was lovely, the scenery was perfect. We saw places we had never seen before. But finally, circling around the area, we made it to the place they were looking for.

It's called Toft's Ice Cream and it's attached to their own dairy. Their small cones were HUGE! I opted for a light chocolate milk shake. And oh was the ice cream smooth and rich.

As we were leaving, I asked some man to take a picture of the 4 of us...he took two...only problem...he didn't take any. So instead I took these just so I had some graphic for this entry.

Then as we drove home, down Rt. 250, we passed Menards where Pam and I had gone last week. Robert hadn't been there so we popped in. Bought a strawberry pot with seeds and soil for $2, mini blinds for a window in the gold room cuz the original were broken, and Robert bought some sort of faucet for the rain barrel.

Then it was make tomato sauce which you've already read about on the other blog...if you've read the other blog. Being with these friends is a day in heaven. We are so lucky to have them as friends.

The sad notes is that the milkshake had the same effect that milkshakes from Cold Stone has....I don't get this effect from perhaps it's just too much of the good rich milk/cream that does it to my system. But it was worth it!


Lin Floyd said...

I'm hopping commenting on your two blogs, now I challenge you to read my one blog and comment. Lol!

Dawn Mercedes said...

you guys take the greatest mini vacations!

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