Friday, August 20, 2010


For some people age is a deterrent to getting things done or learning new things. My mom was so good at plugging away at her computer. She called so often for me to fix things but she at least tried. And I honored her for that...altho I often laughed. Not at her. Just at how age affects us in so many ways. Here she was nearing 80 and still insistent on learning how to do things.

So Robert finally gets me to agree to owning a serger. I probably wanted one way back in the day when I sewed all the time. But money was ALWAYS an issue. Now altho money is or should still be an issue, I find that given another change to try out this type of sewing would be a good thing.

Luckily I have Teri to help me out. But I am stubborn enough to want to figure out some by myself. Like threading. Everyone says that threading is the hardest. And after 2+ days I have to agree. I've look at the diagrams in the book, I've watched the DVD that comes with the machine...over and over and over. I've threaded and tried and snipped. Repeatedly. Somehow something was not correct. I finally gave up last night cuz I am so NOT a night person. I work best in the morning. Today I got up early and in the quiet of morning tried 3 more times and finally the last time took....well sorta.

I was using the 4 thread overstitch plan. But somehow I get this line of straight stitching to the right of the overstitch. But there's no thread on the bottom so it's not permanent, I can tug the thread and it comes out. But I think it's not supposed to be there, just don't know why half of it is there. But it's OK...I'm getting closer.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

It looks great!

Lin Floyd said...

you afraid of anything? I don't believe it-it's just a machine-ask for help Susie Q.

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