Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Tuesday night/Wednesday Morning

I realize this is out of order but so goes my brain...and my very swollen feet tonight.

We drove yesterday to Lewisburg, PA...what should have taken us 5 hours took up 8.5 hours due to accidents and construction and who knows what else. But we got to Jocelyn's and she made these wonderful pizzas for us all (them, us, Kennedys). And knowing how the red sauce effects me, she made me a blonde pizza which was delicious.

Then we went to Kennedy's motel and everyone else swam. Me, I just dangled the puffy feet in the pool. Jacob got us a room next to theirs and we got to have Ella and Scarlett sleep with us.

When I awoke this morning, I turned to see if Scarlett was stirring and was met with this darling sight....her Tiger guarding and keeping watch over her. It was so adorable that I had to risk awakening her with a flash.
Then, bright and too early, Peter and Guy came knocking to tell us we needed to get some breakfast.

We went back to Jocelyn's for a short time and since nothing else was planned, we headed to New York...and if you've read the previous 2 posts, you are now caught up.

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Lin Floyd said...

sleeping grandkids are so precious...

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