Monday, July 05, 2010


Here we were, circa 1983......and altho we won't all be there Friday, there ought to be more in number. Am so excited.....and happy. Glad Ken get this thing organized. Hopefully, the photographer will be better at holding the camera least I know that cameras have advanced a lot since then.

Robert, Jordan in Susan's arms
Cara, Dawn, Jocelyn, Marissa


Lin Floyd said...

what a fun photo. we have a reunion this sat of my mom's side then in two weeks the hatch reunion to which I'm going to see my son Brook who is only coming to that one. Hope you can come but I suspect you won't.

marissa said...


remember when i was shorter than everyone? me neither.

kimlis said...

So Jordan was born in 1982 or earlier than the phonto in 1983? I'm sure I remember you being pregnant when I joined the church...

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