Friday, July 30, 2010

picture wall

On my trip to Meijer in Sandusky this morning, I bought the frames I wanted so that I could arrange a photo wall by our kitchen table.

While we were on our family reunion in Palmyra, I found some amazing rooms that had my kitchen's colors and I knew I needed to take pictures of them. The rooms were in the Joseph Smith log cabin. And outside the front door (if I remember correctly), looking across the field is the temple, peaking up over the trees. It's interesting to imagine what Joseph must have envisioned, if he could have been given a glimpse of today outside his childhood home. It is quite a sight. Imagine having that many family members in such a small place. But I am sure this was normal for most families.

I love looking at the fireplace and think how lucky I am to have a double oven, safe appliances, space to work. I marvel that people could actually prepare meals, keeping all their 'storage' in a pantry off the side. And I cannot conceive of having to spin my thread in order to weave my cloth and then sew the family clothes. But I am glad I have a sewing machine that enables me to sew some things easily.

In one room Adelle was asked to bear her testimony. Adelle is an amazing child...rather quiet and reserved. She had never done this before in her home ward and here she was asked out of the blue to do this.....AND SHE DID! And I had my camera ready.

In the Grandin Building, the tour guide asked if anyone knew what this one huge picture was about and Ella did. And Ella, another amazing child...rather quiet and very soft spoken....stands up and repeats the story. That shot was rather fun as she was looking at the picture as she spoke and it's as if she's looking and seeing what Joseph saw.

And lastly, I added the wheat that I received as a momento from New Life Hospice when both my mom and then Bonpapa died. Tied it with a new ribbon, it gives a nice dimension in several aspects. The words that accompany the Hospice cards are: Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds....John 12:24. I have often reflected on that verse when I missed these wonderful people. And it seemed fitting to include the wheat on the wall for the sentiment of the card as well as the connection to my folks in whose home we now dwell, as well as for the many seeds which were planted by the one boy innocent enough to go into a grove and ask his question, who received his answer and then never wavered.

I know these pictures won't stay up forever. I think that when we have another reunion I will just have to take more pictures of the scenes and people and then hang them as a reminder. Pam came over to help me with the wheat hanging and we commented that all too often pictures of vacations/reunions are taken but never looked at again.

I want to remember this nice reunion every day....for the reunion sake, for the family sake, as well as for the events then and now in Palmyra.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

The wheat comment is interesting in light of the way that JS died. And how many seeds spread and grew up because of that! Very cool

Lin Floyd said...

lovely place for a reunion. like your post and positive slant.

JP said...

That looks great!

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