Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Paradise...with wind

Sheffield Lake has a new, huge wind turbine located in front of the Apples Grocery Store (similar to the 2 that are at the boat dock on the Lake Erie shoreline, only much bigger). Today was the 'commission' ceremony...not long but fun, all the same. Apples paid a chunk for the down payment and the power generated from this turbine will go to feed electricity to the store. It will produce at least 15% of the electricity used, which is quite a lot when you consider all the freezer/refrigerators.The folks here in Paradise have enjoyed watching the progress of its installation. And it is tall! If you've ever been to Community Days and/or know of the various carnival rides seen in the background, you can get an idea of just how tall this thing is.After the ribbon cutting, we could look up inside tower. There are stairs leading all the way up but after a bit, it was just too high, too dark to see to the top. But it was awesome. Here are my good neighbors, Sandra and her daughter, Madelon, peering up.

And do you know what's next for our community? Solar panels on the Community Center....we've had ours for decades and when people complain there's no sun in Ohio, I can refute that. But I'm glad that the Center will now have them.

I mistakenly thought Community Days began at 4, just after the ceremonies, and had planned on having my 'dinner' on carny food...but instead I went to Apples to get what I'd need for the weekend. Shopping during Community Days is crazy. And what a joy...this time, the deli actually had Sugardale Cleveland style Bologna....which as I probably have blogged about before is the only bologna that I'll eat. It's just like Lawsons. The woman behind the counter asked me if I knew what that particular bologna was and I said, close to Lawsons. She informed me that it WAS Lawson's bologna, back in the day. Then I told her my favorite way to eat a bologna sandwich was with a layer of Lays potato chips inside (used to be Charles Chip), between the slices of bologna...and guess what, she does the same thing, only with spicy potato chips.

Sandra asked me where my blog entries were from our trip....and I know I have been lax...I'll do better, soon.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

One comment: Sandra has LONG hair now??? :)

Lin Floyd said...

bologna sandwiches with potato chips-interesting. I haven't eaten bologna for decades...never seen inside a wind tower before we have tons of them in Spanish Fork canyon and at the point of the mountain going to SLC with more coming...

JP said...

Why hasn't Lorain figured that out?

Sherri said...

I have been watching them working on that for the last couple of weeks (longer if you count the underground work I know they had to prep for...) It is huge, but I can see the usefulness it can contribute. Surprise, surprise on the solar panels.

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