Saturday, July 24, 2010


Well, faithful you remember how opinionated I am? I lashed out on FB about this stupid 'adventure' Robert insisted on going. But I deleted it cuz I know who they will be tomorrow. Cooled off, showered, fed....everything will be spoken of as tho it was heavenly. Lies...but heavenly lies. But I am still riled. Personally I'd like to hit someone.

I deleted FB comment cuz I know how I will look. Insane. Well, I am insane...I am furious.

You cannot spend 3 days out in this heat, with heat advisories all over the place, and think it's OK. One girl did nearly die...and that comes from Robert's own lips. She spent 2 days in the hospital. The sheriffs were asking the youth didn't they want to press charges for child endangerment. I'd like to. I wanna ask those sheriffs why they didn't press charges. The don't need the victim of spousal abuse to press charges. When they see the abuse they act. So why didn't they this time?

And the storm comes and the girls are moved to an abandoned church....filled with rat and rat feces and this is OK? Really....and what about the boys? They are allowed to enjoy watching the storm or getting wet?

And Robert, as an adult child...he has to push the carts and whatever? Really? Really? I ask you, REALLY? Trevell said Robert was the oldest surprise there. I think he was the only bishop from our stake to go. Now he says this is his last hooray. Like I'd ever let him go again.

And each family had a 'baby'....a 1o pound sack of flour with a baby face on the front. Some stupid girl gets tired of toting the baby around so Terrell says she tosses it over the hillside. And this taught her what? That babies are throw aways? Really, again, tell me what you think they were supposed to learn from this. Cuz it sure is not what I think they needed to have learned.

I still think this is the stupidest activity. We do not need to spend 3 days as pioneers to learn something. We oughta be designing activities that put the kids today into today situations and have them learn how tough life can be, will be if they don't get wise and do what they are meant to do.

So there you have it.....still boiling but I need to fix Robert some food.......and hope he doesn't throw it up.



Dawn Mercedes said...

Yeah...after I talked with you on the phone, the thought came to me that real pioneers very well maybe have sat out for a few days until the heat passed Or at least moved slower if they had to keep moving. Just like they would have sat and waited out a rain storm I suppose. I'm just glad Papa came back alive. And too sad about the thrown away baby! And, boy, embaressing that the police couldn't reason with the leaders.

Lin Floyd said...

calm down susi Q...too bad you aren't out to the hatch reunion tonight then we could visit. i spent the day with my sons but mostly listened to my ex talking as everyone else was busy having a water fight. i could be screaming too but instead i feel like crying. did get some photos of my 4 sons and 6 grandchildren all in the same place but it wasn't a perfect day by any means. frankie drove two days to get here then spent one day visiting and is leaving tomorrow to drive home so that was our visit. i hugged hakan 3 times then he was off playing with the cousins. brook surprisingly stayed at daniel's because his mom lennie requested him too...ok family reunions are not all they are set out to be. now do you feel better? lol!

Rebecca Stay said...

The year we went, one of our 'kids' was a recently diagnosed diabetic (type 1). I could not believe how much flack I got from some of the leaders when I insisted that he HAD to have more and better food.
Karen almost died at girls camp one year and we almost lost Heather to heat stroke on a hike in Zion's canyon at a reunion one year.
Do we never learn?

Millie said...

I am greatful for the pioneers who opened the path for us to have a stable and true church the way The Lord wanted it to be...BUT I don't think "WE" have to honor them by having these kinds of events in the middle of SUMMER!!!! THEY need to either have them in the SPRING or FALL or just remember them in our own wards with nice activities and classes of how they traveled to the West...these hot Summer events is for the birds...and they are smarter then humans, they stay out of the heat...GOOD GRIEF...I second that emotion Susan!!!!!.

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