Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Was IMing with Hank just a bit ago and learned something new on the computer. He's another one of these really smart ones and is willing to teach me...I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!

But this isn't about technology. It's about concerts. Hank was remembering a Turtles tune that kept playing in his head last night. Naturally I had it cuz I happen to be a Turtles fan. When I was at BYU, somewhere in the late 60s, they would hold Pillow Concerts in the Y Center ballroom. All you needed to do was bring a pillow to sit on and 50 cents. That is all it cost to see The Turtles. It really was a good night. Melodies and singing along. I went with my roommate and totally enjoyed the evening. After the concert, there was a dance. Hard to imagine seeing any group today for 50 cents. But I saw many good and great concerts during my time in Provo.

The following is a song that I had forgotten about until today but remember it being a favorite...this from the TV show Shingdig that I loved watching:

Sometime during my college years, while home for the summer, it was announced that the Iron Butterfly were performing at The Music Carnival in Warrensville Heights (outside Cleveland).
And who didn't love In Da Garda Da Vida back in those days? The song lasted 17 minutes. The drum solo altho supposedly on the record was 2.5 minutes was definitely longer in concert. We gave up counting how many drum sticks the drummer broke. I took my sister and a young friend, Brian Vasenda...skipping church. That was the era when the Hell's Angels were particularly creepy. They arrived with their hogs screaming, encircling the tent. All just added to the excitement of the concert. (see the guy at the bottom? he's Steve Zahn...does he not look very similar to the Steve Zahn of today...but no relation that I can find)
I assure you, Iron Butterfly would not have been invited to perform at BYU.


Lin Floyd said...

wow trip back in time. I never connected with any of these singing groups...but I'm a little older. I remember the beatles, joan baez, john denver and other oldies...

marissa said...

i can't help but think of marching band when i hear these guys. funny how my first experience with a lot of these rock bands was that way. ahhh...arts education.

Rebecca Stay said...

Ah, my best memory of Iron Butterfly was from a Sunday School class party. It was supposed to end at 9 and we didn't want it to end so at about 8:57 we said to the parents, "Just one more song. Please." They agreed and we put on Inagaddadavida. So then we had to dance non-stop for 20 minutes. We were all SOOO tired and very willing to go home.

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