Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7th Cavalry

OK...phew...I have completed the Trek 2010 shirt for Robert and he says he is over the moon with joy. If you remember back a bunch of entries, I had finally managed to locate the shirt pattern that he's always wanted. In the move it was put in the strangest place but since I am strange, eventually I found it. I had wanted to make 2 of these for him but put off making the shirt cuz I so HATE the idea of TREK. But at least I finished one. He's wearing it with the one side undone....to look jaunty, I am thinking.

Robert is in his cowboy hat that has 4X. He had it for barely a day, saw his Uncle Bill and decided to brag about the hat...only to have Uncle Bill take off his own, much loved hat and naturally his had 5Xs. I think that's how the quality of these hats are branded.

The picture below is one with Robert wearing a confederate hat. Robert loves hats so if you have any odd ones you don't want anymore, send them on. Personally, as much as Robert loved George Armstrong Custer's story, I think I should have been on the look out for a 7th cavalry emblem for the hat.


Lin Floyd said...

he looks jaunty-you are a talented seamstress...

Jocelyn Christensen said...

UNCLE BILL!! Dad looks just like him. Love the job you did on that shirt...and are those reclaimed buttons? Anyway, Dad, you look great!

Dawn Mercedes said...

way to go Mom....and you look great Papa!

marissa said...

my father....is wearing.....a confederate hat! oh, the pain!

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