Thursday, June 17, 2010

a thought

I ran across an old entry in someone else's blog where she mentioned a 2nd blog she had started. The title probably meant something different to her. She probably lives in Thanksgiving, Utah. But as I looked at just the heading (Living in Thanksgiving Daily), I thought....AN IDEA.

I'm going to see if I can post every day something that made me THANKFUL from the previous day's experiences.

So for today, Thursday, June 17th....I am thankful that I am outspoken and mom used to say to a fault, and she oughta know, we were 2 peas from the same pod. So I am also thankful for her teachings and example. But I am a child of the light, not of the dark. Ask any of my friends, my true friends. If I say something it usually means it can be repeated. I am not a hider. But do not embellish my words with your own views or I promise I will rip your face off.

Harsh, you say? Go ahead and say it. I've heard it before. Just repeat what I say as I say it, as I meant it and do not add your own thoughts as if they were mine. I can be the best friend you'd ever want. But try that above stunt, and I will be your worse enemy.

Bet you thought this was gonna be a sappy daily entry! may be more surprised...or not.


Lin Floyd said...

I'm scared but knowing you I'll relax cause you've been a friend for many years-outspoken but that makes you you. Like your mom? Hmm...I'm so different than my mom.

marissa said...

ahhhhh, nobody does it like mudda. that photo is pretty freaky, mom. do you know it's half mystique, half magneto from X-men?

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I don't understand the photo! But it sounds like a great idea, Mom.

cherrystones said...

I understand the whole thing!

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