Tuesday, June 15, 2010

this n that

hank posted a picture over a week ago on FB and since we grow radishes in the garden I thought I'd give it a try. Perfect happy thing for lunch. Robert had the perfect ideas for the eyes....use SenSens. Not all of you may know that old fashioned breath freshener but they are the perfect size. Now tell me...are these from Mario Bros? Is this how I know this guy?

The garden is blooming. Another bunny has presented itself so the havahart trap is back into use (Sandra, will return it soon...unless you want it sooner). But right now the flowers are bloomin' so prettily.

Sadly the plugs we gave NHB didn't take very well. Well, actually not at all. I thought that being further south and having warmer weather than we get here along the lake that his garden would have been bursting. Instead, it's bursting but with storebought plants. Ours are all doing great, despite the bunnies (and Jan and Larry were away for 14 days and their bunny totally wiped out there garden. Jan thought they were cute. Larry said he poisoned them all and dumped them into the drainage...but he didn't. Despite being House for Avon Schools, he's really a softy but never tell him I said so). Our tomatoes are almost as large as the 6 Robert bought that were huge...but both lots are filled with blossoms. And the beans all came back without a replant. Hooray. Also the beets will be in need of canning soon.

These are some lilies and astilbes. Robert first grew the astilbes when he created his bog garden at 809. But they make a lovely contrast to the orange lilies. We also have red in the front island.


marissa said...

Looking good, ma! I can't wait to see all your tomatoes...mmmm, dad's tomatoes... And yes, I'm pretty sure that mushroom is from Mario Bros.

Anonymous said...

Yes! From Mario Bros.!
Nice work Susan.


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