Friday, June 18, 2010


Having decided to find someTHING to be grateful about each day required me to look at everything that occurred or that I did in a different way. Then try to lump the various thoughts together. I am thankful for technology of all kinds.

There's the technology that allows me to write this blog and communicate with friends and stores. The technology that allows me to pick up a variety of phones and make calls. The technology that allowed me to watch the creepy Lakers beat the Celtics (and why do we say Sell-tics when for the rest of the world's world, people have said Kell-ics, like the singers, the people, etc?) not to mention being able to DVR just about anything I want. I love my Bosch mixing system (thanks Corbridges). There's the technology that enables all those wonder BBW scents and 'things' to use with them. I depend on my iPod Touch even more than I used to depend on my PDA (of which there are now 2, in the cupboard over my heading, waiting for me to do something about them).

But there's also the technology of the lesser idea in a definition of the word:
"the sum of the ways in which social groups provide themselves with the material objects of their civilization."

And that lesser definition is really where my mind was going. I loved it that a friend called to tell me of another's death, and to say goodbye before leaving on vacation. Or the friend who was willing to go strawberry picking and then we chatted about the challenges of processing the too-many berries picked before they overheated themselves in the stupid plastic bags we carried them home in. There's the job that Robert has which is draining his days or nights or afternoons. Yep, it provides the $$ so we can buy stuff but it also disturbs the normal peace of planned activities, not to mention the peace of mind. The idea of actually going out to pick strawberries which just pop off the vines and into the baskets (or our mouths), of processing, of piano lessons, of friends who do (vs. those who do not) remind me that all technology involves work and sweat and often tears.

I think what I feel is gratitude for all the things in my life which often frustrates me as well as bringing me joy. And that's because all the really important part of the technology I adore is the work that goes into them before I get them, and while I use them, and long after I have stopped using them. Yep, they make life easier on one level....but that's because of the work, the physical and mental work that is required.

So now that I've decided to be happy with technology, I have also figured out that I am happy with work. Work since Aug. 12, 2010, has been very slow and arduous. But I'm coming around. All the technology which made me able to walk and use my arms, also made me able to work.

So in the end, I guess I'm grateful for the workers in the world. Is it time for Labor Day yet?

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