Thursday, June 24, 2010



This is by far the best rule. Not that I always follow it but I do pretty darn good at knowing where things are to be put. And remembering. USUALLY. Not always. My mom who was THE ORGANIZER SUPREME, would always shake her head in wonder when I could lay my hands on something within seconds of her asking for it...let it be on top the frig (out of reach of little sticky hands) or on the roll top desk (and you know that desk had a roll top just to hide the mass amounts of stuff crammed in it). But it's the "NOT ALWAYS" that drives me and everyone who happens to be around me at those moments. Around me or near enough by phone or email for me to you have this? have you seen it? Ask Connor to pray (he's the prayer and finder!)

This past week was one of the moments. Yesterday Jocelyn said something along the lines that this is what I just have to expect...or maybe it's what my kids have come to expect...not sure which. But apparently I do do this too often.

A few days ago, while dusting, I realized I couldn't find my 6th Harry Potter dvd, nor the last of the Lord of the Rings trilogy (but I was fairly certain I know who hasn't returned that yet to me....and they'd better!). So I sent an email to each of my kids and a couple of my friends who I have loaned movies to in the past. No one had it. Cara just left me a solitary word...NO. Marissa offered me a copy of hers. Jocelyn had borrowed some other one. So I continued looking, and yes, naturally it was in the DVD player upstairs (which currently is worthless since we switched over to DirecTV...don't ask me why...but hopefully Jordan will figure it out this weekend).

I'd like to blame moving to a new house as the problem...but that's not totally true. Yes, it is true that everything has yet to find its OWN place and until it does, not everything gets into a place that I will remember.

No, this started long ago. My mother had given me the Polish War Medallion
that my Polish grandmother had given to her...why I never knew. What is is for, I still don't know. But my mom kept it for me. I always knew it was in my blue jewelry box. But one day, years ago, I couldn't find it. I was spazzed out. Where could it have gone? Why would I have moved it? Find it Robert. ROBERT! It's missing. Find it. And what does Robert do? Just sits there and says, It'll show up. He drove me nuts. Missing it drove me nuttier. But right he showed up. I don't remember where but it did. And it stayed where it was supposed to until I got another jewelry box.

Most recently, besides missing those 2 DVDs, and finding them, I have also lost the famed button box and more importantly, the pattern for the shirt Robert wanted. I bought the patterns so many years ago, probably decades ago, but just never got around to sewing it for him. I wanted it to be a surprise. And I think with all the kids young and at home, there wasn't a lot of time for secret sewing. So the pattern was always hidden in this specific drawer in the basement at 809, and when that old baby's dressing table fell apart, I hid it in another place...and I always knew exactly where it was. Then we moved to 3830.

I specifically remember transferring it from the 809 place to 'something'. But when you move in laundry baskets, up 8 houses, very few things get where they oughta. But then yesterday, as I was cleaning out the study upstairs so I could move more of my stampin' station to the basement, lo and behold, you know what I found. Yes! That pattern. I showed it to Robert as he continued to remove the wallpaper and I wanted him to know that altho he was doing all the hard work, that I had found a distaff project that he'd enjoy wearing. When he left for work, I went out and bought him fabric for 2 of these shirts....for the STUPID TREK. You certainly can't go on an 1800 trek without the proper attire, now can you? Nope, I didn't buy the best fabric. I'll just make him happy for the trek and then I'll make him a really nice shirt for 'good'. Whatever 'good' activity there might be for him to wear it.

I am getting better at knowning where things are but I continue to rediscover things and it's always a nice surprise. So I am grateful for surprises, and the proper place for proper things.


Millie said...

sorry to hear you lost two of your favorite dvd's... whenever I borrow something to someone...I write their name down on an index card with the item I loan out to them and then I stick the card to my refrigerator door...this allows me to claim my item back if it is not return within a month.

Dawn Mercedes said...

oh it's hereditary to mislay things! Bummer...b/c I've got it bad.

marissa said...

Those patterns...those shirts...if I wasn't laughing so hard, I'd let you know how amazing it is you found the less thing for you to spazz at us over. (Not that we don't love to hear your "I lost it now FIND IT! NOO one sleeps till we find it! I'LL GIVE A NICKEL TO THE PERSON WHO FINDS IT!" rantings. ) Way to go, ma, and the mantel looks great, especially now that you have those lookers on the left end.

marissa said...

oh, by the way, that polish war medallion is rad.

Lin Floyd said...

good idea millie but I don't do that either and I'm a former school librarian. lol! Well Susi Q my goal for this past week or so has been to put my office in order and it's done for the moment and sure feels good. I too loose things and if after prayer I can't find them, I know they are really lost. But most are only things.

teamk said...

I am glad you found it..them! I love your picture display. I almost thought you photoshopped them into a romantic getaway cabin. I didn't recognize the fireplace for a second! and DUH! My mother wouldn't vacation in a cabin!

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