Sunday, June 20, 2010


Today I was surrounded by music from awakening til falling into the bed exhausted.

The music of children in the home again, eating and playing and laughing and arguing.
The music of family...godparents who loved getting out of their apt and enjoying family.
The music of an aunt/uncle who celebrated 50 years of marriage
The music of birds in the trees, squirrels running around, dog slurping, sun shining.
The music of flowers and plants coloring my world.
The music of a smooth running hybrid car...yes foreign (and proud) and I love Mary Poppins, she IS practically perfect.
The music and performance of Fiddler on the Roof at Playhouse Square.

All those events could have brought on tears of joy but the joy was just so satisfying. Mostly the tears that did come, came at the end of a performance for a show I have never seen, not even in the movies. Not because of the message or the history but because of the quality of performance, singing, dancing, and the joy of the crowd.

Today I celebrate Father's Day...grateful that I had a birth father who left me his genes, a grandfather who left me his love, his music, his grand piano. A first stepfather who supported us financially and was around. A second stepfather who honored the Lord and His Priesthood, and who loved me and mine. And most of all my husband...I cannot imagine life without him, a day without him, a minute. And all because a Heavenly Father loved His children enough to know that we needed families as the unit of existence and success and furtherance.

Happy Father's Day to all.

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