Monday, June 14, 2010

The Melting Pot

Pam and I took the boys to The Melting Pot to celebrate Father's Day, early. I had heard how good this place was and altho it was very pricy, it WAS GREAT. Both couples love to fondue so this was the best since we didn't have the prep work, nor the cleanup.

The best part, PERHAPS, was that Pam and I had saved enough money for dessert. We have this 'way' of saving money and when it accumulates enough....which means when we go someplace that is pricey.....we have less guilt feelings about spending the money, or using the calories. Whichever. But as good as the meal was, the dessert was out of this world. We may go back just for dessert...but definitely we will save up for another full trip/meal there...definitely for Christmas , but probably before.


Lin Floyd said...

it looks just delicious and right up the frenchman's alley.

Dawn Mercedes said...

i've heard that the Melting Pot is fabulous...and pricy. We have one in MI too!

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