Sunday, June 13, 2010

A lovely Saturday

Robert had a leadership meeting in Columbus yesterday so I went along to play with The New Hatch Batch. I had such a great afternoon....I just cannot tell you how much! Lily is a dear sweet girl...and altho she still wants her mom and dad, she did give me a smile or 3. And oh my! Those dimples of hers are getting bigger and deeper. We went to Meijer (I LOVE MEIJER) with her and she got to sit in the cart all by herself, without the baby carrier. I think it was sensory overload with all the colors, the noise, the crowds, the light! And after a very short nap, she was awakened to go to dinner with us. Another sensory experience...not to mention the noise. But she enjoyed chewing on a piece of their dark brown breads. She sat between her mom and dad on the bench and seemed very happy there. But fatigue crept up and she went home with her parents to a bath and a cuddle and bed. Robert and I finished our dessert and then went back to collect our 'stuff' and Jordan presented his dad with these finds:

Then we headed for home. We made it all the way to Amherst before we met rain...and thunder...and lightning...while Robert was pumping gas. Very enjoyable day!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Lily looks so tired but cute!

Lin Floyd said...

that's great your family is close enough to visit on weekends.

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