Tuesday, June 01, 2010


You have read about Lin Floyd or at least been connected to her blog in the past. Lin writes about a lot of things and especially shares her original poetry and thoughts (and I ought to add that she's family by marriage, despite a divorce. She remains a faithful and loyal friend). Jocelyn just alerted me to the fact that she is mentioned in June's Ensign:

Use the Internet to Share the Gospel

One member, Lin Floyd of Utah, USA, created a family history Web site with ancestors’ photos and histories. Her Web site and others like it have helped people learn more about the Church and its doctrine. Some have desired to be baptized or have returned to Church activity. Others have found helps for doing family history, fulfilling callings, and strengthening marriages.

Good for you Lin!

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Lin Floyd said...

well thank you susi Q. You didn't mention I got paid $100 for my article on "publishing your family history online" about 2 years ago. I kept waiting for it to be in print and then found out today it was there but not one word of my article was used. It was nice to see my name in print although they did say..."his website"...not realizing Lin is a female name. Oh by the way, check it out http://famhistory1867.com

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