Monday, June 07, 2010


I realize that all my blogs are rather out of chronological order. But that's where my brain has been going lately.

Remember the plant I listed a few entries ago? The one I don't know the name of and asked for help? Well, surprise has started to bloom and wouldn't Georgia O'Keefe (my fav artist) have been thrilled to create a masterpiece of this:

Taken at 5am:
A few hours later:
And then at all its glory:

In talking with the Jensens when we stopped by with the bunny, Barry mentioned the Corpse plant that the family had seen growing someplace, don't remember where he said. I googled it and found a very similar one, not exactly the same but similar enough to lead me to believe mine would be a part of that family. But the site said it stinketh to high heavens and that's how it got its name. I personally have never smelled it. But I went home and sniffed. Nothing! And I am the one with the nose. Naturally I didn't get too close. Then Robert opts to sniff WAY DOWN DEEP and suddenly jerks back and announces " it's putrid...." And what is wrong with me that I can't smell it...he smelled something all the way over in the corner and didn't know what it was.

So that's how it is in the world of corpse plants...named because they smell like a rotting corpse. Interesting...butI'd love to know what it's real name is if anyone knows out there.

Then on Wednesday of last week Diane agreed to spend the morning shopping for pots so that we (really she) could repot my succulents. It seems my succulents love our home and are so very happy that they are growing nicely. The Ronald and all his Ronnies have really produced nicely. (That's the one she's working on in the pix) Now they are in a larger vessel and have spread not only their roots but their bodies. They are enjoying their new home. Truly, Diane has such miraculous hands when it comes to (well just about everything) plants and repotting. I repot and they die.

Even the palm plant that Marissa brought home to us from DisneyWorld when she went there with the BHS band continues to grow and has produced "flowers"! Now how cool is that. And how many years ago did Swiss go to FL? about 14 is my guess.

And before the Stays moved (sniff sniff) to Utah, Rebecca gave me some of her Jade plant sprigs and they were repotted as well...and are growing very nicely. Not yet as huge as hers was when she left but huge, just the same. So life is good...friends near and far are brought close through the plants. My mom, very far, blooms in her strange ... very strange ... O'Keefe-esque plants. I love them all...


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Wow, amazing!

Lin Floyd said...

I've never heard of a corpse plant...I need to do some repotting too. Send your friend!

Sherri said...

One thing David thought of was taking one of the best pictures (showing the leaves, color etc...) and posting a question on Yahoo answers (or Facebook). See if you get any responses. You may have to wait a while, but you might get the "final answer" you are looking for. Good luck. (David does think you are on the right track with the corpse flower, but doesn't know for sure.)

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