Sunday, June 06, 2010

Finding messages in odd places

Jill got me started on Percy Jackson. Then I learned the author, Rick Riordan, was releasing a new book and as luck (or fortune) would have it, I was volunteering at the Scholastic Warehouse on the day it was released and they had it....not even in their system yet, but on their shelves. Naturally I grabbed for Jill, one for Ethan, one for the Barretts and one for the Kennedys. I borrowed it from the library and totally enjoyed it. But here's why.

A couple of years ago, Becky taught a class and we watched a segment of Sleeping Beauty, the Disney classic animated movie..a beautiful movie. But our exercise for the class was to watch and write down all the imagery or names we have come to know and recognize in religious area, certainly not Disney. It appears or appeared that back in that day, these symbols were readily seen if looked for. Not so much today...until I read this book. And now I will put some quotes down in the hopes you will have thought to contemplate on the words and then, perhaps, even get a chance to read this teen book.

On page 218, I was ready to call up Ethan to discuss with him what to look for but then didn't think he'd gotten that far and I didn't want him to jump ahead and miss something else.

"Bast's eyes lit up. "You comminicated with HOrus directly? That's excellent progress!"

Progress? I banged my palms against my head...get him out!

Calm down! Horus said.

Don't tell me to calm down!

Talking to him, I pointed at my forehead. This is awful, Sadie wailed, How do I get rid of her?

Bast sniffed. First off, Sadie, you don't have all of her. Gods are very powerful. We can exist in many places at once,. But yes, part of Isis's spirit now resides inside you....Please, Carter, it's not possession. Besides, you and Horus want the same thing--to defeat Set, just as Horus did millennia ago, when Set first killed Osiris. For starters, Carter must use the power of Horus to defeat Set. I'll guide you as much as possible but in the end the two of youmust fight.

pg. 447 concerning Pyramids/tombs reminded of Revelation and the book I read about it by Richard Draper, a BYU professor.
As we kept walking, I paid more attention to the carvings, and I saw what Zia meant. The pictures showed horrible monsters, scenes of war, cities such as Paris and London in flames, full colored portraits of Set and the Set animal tearing into modern armies--scenes so gruesome, no Egyptian would ever commit them to stone.

pg 456-7 concerning control
My thinking suddenly became faster and clearer. The anger and fear didn't go away, but I realized they weren't important. They weren't going to help me save my sister.

Don't resist. Zia had told me. She didn't mean resisting Set. She meant Horus. The falcon god and I had been wrestling with each other for days as he tried to take control of my body.

But neither of us cold be in control. That was the answer. We had to act in unison, trust each other completely or we were both dead.

Yes, Horus thought, and he stopped pushing and I stopped resisting, letting our thoughts flow together.

p. 472 on parenting

Sadie, he said forlornly, when you become a parents, you may understand this. One of my hardest jobs as a father, on of my greatest duties, was to realize that my own dreams, my own goals and wishes, are secondary to my children's. Your mother and I have set the stage. But it is your stage.

pgs. 502-3 on physics and eternity
We can't go back, carter, Mom said, as if reading my mind. But nothing is lost, even in death. Do you remember the law of conservation?

It had been six years since we'd sat together int he living room--this living room--and she'd read me the laws of physics the way most parents read bedtime sgtories. But I still remembered. "Energy and matter cann't be created or destroyed."

"Only changed," my mother agreed, "and sometimes changed for the better."

pg. conclusion
It is time, Dad said. We'll meet again, children. But until then, take care."

Be mindful of your enemies, Mom added

Dad's voice trailed off thoughtfully. "Remind my brother that Egyptians believe in the power of the sunrise. They believe each morning begins not just a new day, but a new world."

So my new day/new world begins. Surviving a horrific storm during the night, sure the basement was totally flooded, I rejoiced in going downstairs when I finally summoned enough courage to look...only to be surprised to find a totally dry basement. Life is good.


Lin Floyd said...

interesting, there is truth to be found in many places if you are seeking it...

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Glad there was no flooding. While we were away at church this morning, a wind took our picnic table and umbrella and blew them off the porch! Our new lovely umbrella...broken beyond repair! And a bolt missing from the table! Ho world starts tomorrow!

JP said...

Have you read the Chronicles of Narnia? Tons of symbolism there. I tried not to read too closely since I'm not quite finished.

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