Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chicken or the Egg

I don't care if it comes first or last...just come. I love chickens. My daddy used to fry it southern style and it was the best! My mom used to make the best Chicken Pot Pies,,,,,,,ever! But eggs...I don't care how they are cooked but I love 'em, too. And last night I had the Hawaiian Chicken Pizza from Marco's. The Barretts are here for the weekend, got here late so we ran for pizza. They had the standard but since no one wanted the one I wanted, I got a small just for myself. And I don't share...haha.

But once Kitty gave me the best Chicken Salad....comparable to the one made in Avon at a bakery that I happened upon by accident. Man! Was that good! I was going to post the recipe but suddenly can't find it. So I'll edit this when she sends it to me. Check back cuz you are gonna love it.

PS...those are free-range chickens, Christensens. I don't think they look like your kids.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

They sure don't, they aren't holding sharp objects and tape.

Lin Floyd said...

So I'm still wondering which came first the chicken or the egg. I bet it was the chicken! lol!

marissa said...

Quoth Mandarax:

"I ate the chicken, and then I ate its egg."

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