Saturday, June 05, 2010


Last year if you recall, we hosted a bunny in our backyard but Robert was able to catch him and we let him loose in the park. This year, another bunny came to play and stay but reeked havoc with my purple and green peppers as well as the green beans...bad bunny!!! And he was a wiley one and we hadn't been able to capture him before he did this:

Our neighbors, the Jensens, own a Haveahart humane trap and offered it to me. Robert looked at it and say "No Way is that little bunny gonna spring that trap." But I set it up anyway, where I have seen the bunny slip through the fence and guess what? He sprung the trap and Farmer McGreagor caught him...or the farmer's wife.

We took him down to Freedom Park at the end of our street (aptly named for these rascally bunnies' new home) and let him loose. We stopped along the way to show him off to the Jensens.


Lin Floyd said...

good for you, a woman of many talents. did you take the bunny far enough away so he can't find his way back?

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Nice work...uh, can we borrow that trap!?

JP said...

Poor bunny! Next time plant marigolds.

Millie said...

go to a beauty shop and get some hair, spread it around the plants and they will disappear as well of any of their friends. They think a human being is there.

JP said...

I'll keep Clark's fur for you....i forgot about doing that. Thanks Millie. It worked before when I used Lewis' fur.

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