Thursday, June 10, 2010


First check out this blog and see about this great giveway. Super blog, too.

And thanks to Jocelyn for awarding me with this Beautiful Blogger Award. I think my blog is a bit too honest for most people...and more often than not, people mistake what I say for what they think I say. But I still state it's my blog and no one has to read it nor agree with me.

Blogging still fascinates me. Not just me blogging about my ho hum life but reading about other people's adventures. and their thoughts. and their dreams. and especially about their successes which mostly they don't even realize they have had.

I gather I am supposed to list 7 things that people might possibly not know about me.

1. I dream of being a runner. It's the one exercise, if I was going to do an exercise, that I can see myself doing. I don't mean I have to run a marathon (way too sweaty), nor win a race (too much clutter already without having one more trophy around). I just mean to be able to run down the street and back. Or even around the corner. There used to be this young woman who would jog down Lake Road, long blonde ponytail bouncing behind her. SHE was in great shape. I was her! She didn't go fast. She just ran. I can't imagine myself running anywhere these days and people who lived with me through my 2 falls and 2 surgeries in 1 week last August are now going to be screaming at me...'don't do it!' Never fear...I won't.

2. I would like to be like Ainsley Hayes...and if you know who she 'was' then you'll know what I mean. I believe in duty. I believe everyone ought to know their duty and do it. And those that don't drive me batty. They are pathetic. They can have all the high power jobs, or callings, or positions, but if they can't learn their duty and do it, I have no patience with them. Obviously, I'm not God yet.

3. I'd love to be brave enough to travel all over the world. But I am the biggest chicken. First I want to see the USA sights I haven't yet. There are plenty. But I'd like to visit the green and the orange of Ireland. I have always wanted to walk Masada but if I can't run, I don't see myself walking that either, realistically. Scandanavia would be perfect. Switzerland, definitely. I want to see the Kremlin. The Great Wall of China. Alaska has always been a dream (and will remain so). I've been promised Colonial Williamsburg, VA., by my husband this year...but I think it'll have to end up being Palmyra. He keeps getting deprived of his vacation weeks.

4. I'd like a maid. Truly. OK...maybe a housekeeper. I recently poopoo'd the young moms I know who have a maid and a gardener. I think...what in the world is your problem? You can't clean your own messes? I don't want one weekly. Just a one time, clean-my-whole-house-once kind of maid. I intend to get one for my godmother in the fall. She just fell (and she's 80) after spending a day cleaning the windows and mini blinds in her apt. She deserves a fall cleaning and I'm gonna make sure she gets it! But don't tell her!

5. I always told me kids they could not come back to paradise to live
...that they needed to find their own successes and mistakes which they have successfully done. But what they will now know is that I didn't really want this. I wanted and still want them to be close enough to drive over for a Sunday dinner, or to drop off a kid or 5 and leave the grands with me. Ain't gonna happen but it's what I wish. This is a picture of OUR beach.

6. I once typed for an underground newspaper at BYU, it was called Zion's Opinion. Somewhere I think I still have a few copies. It was was the 60s...what else would I do? It was so NOT the Daily Universe (shown here) but I would have loved to have seen this protest rally. (wanna know what the rally was about? It's stated: A campus demonstration, calling for an extension of the school’s Christmas vacation. This 1962 incident, during which the dean of students was burned in effigy and raw eggs were thrown at campus buildings, was unquestionably the most “violent” uprising on campus. Now that was something to get your girdle in a snit about, wouldn't you say? I had grown up amidst Ohio campuses, even CSU. I saw a totally different side to college classes (and I am talking about CLASSES here, nothing else) than the ones I attended at BYU. I longed for what I had visited. I am hoping BYU became more of that by now.

7. And to end this...these are things I love to do....whether you know it or not: play the piano, knit (oh I love to knit...and ought to do more), IRON...someone needs to drop off clothes to me so I can iron for you, Love my husband incredibly, Love my dogs (then and now) almost as much, love my kids and grands. In retrospect, I loved taking care of my folks and hope my kids will care enough for me to do likewise. Love being in Paradise...and Friends and Neighbors which is now a bunch of Red Hat wearing old biddies. Would love to be as smart and have the memory as does my friend Randy (I'd link him but suddenly I can't find him...where did you go and you promised me tutorials just yesterday!) but I'll skip the chess smarts. and I can close my eyes and see 'movies' of events with my children. Most comforting. The brain (tho not as smart as Randy's) is still a wonderful thing...and all those movies are for free!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

I love you this young mom has to return to her never-ending laundry duty!

Lin Floyd said...

enjoyed your confessions...writing for an underground newspaper...hmm, I know another Hatch who did that in Wisconsin many centuries ago. You are truly unique but yet familiar to us all. Loving family, believing where you live is the only paradise, wanting family close by, etc. etc. Thanks for sharing. ps Dan and family are coming to Pageant in July about 12th or so. You guys should meet up and get reacquainted.

Dawn Mercedes said...

oh I know you want us around...I definitely know. come move down the street from me! any time. xoox

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