Thursday, May 13, 2010

Robert turned 61

Here's my cutie patootie husband, during the opening of the gifts last night. It's hard for me to imagine he's 61 cuz I can't see myself as 61 but we both are. I know I remember him having dark hair and dark mustache but I am not sure when it all stopped being that and became lovely silver. But whichever way he is, I love him as he is.

Robert hooked me way back when we had the same girlfriend. He always held the chair out for every girl who went to sit down at his table at Deseret Towers' cafeteria. He had a gentle way of talking and was always interested in what other people had to say.

He has loved me and our children....totally. We always came first in his head and in his heart. There were many years when he had to work different shifts but he put all aside (including an MBA) to take care of our needs. He saw when mothering got me beyond tired and would step in and become both mother and father.

There's a righteousness in him that I haven't seen in too many men today. He understands the value of womanhood (maybe that's why he had 4 daughters and could teach the same to his son) and respect us. He knows where we are placed in the grand scheme of things and always has been one to encourage us to stay the course.

I chuckle that he reads ALL the time but only 1 novel a year. For him, reading is usually all about non-fiction. He'll read all the books he can get his hands on for one topic and then keep up a constant flow of information, whether we want to hear it or not. But he most relates to the scriptures which he learned in his youth and continues to hearken to the Word. I love it when a French word pops out of his mouth, mid English sentence. I don't care who hates the French, I know Robert loves the land and the language.

We had a lovely birthday dinner with our friends, the Barlows and he received phone calls from all the kids. It was a great day. He's a great man. And I am the lucky woman married to him. Happy Birthday, Bubba!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

We're all lucky! Love you, Dad!

marissa said...

Amen, mom. Happy Birthday, dad!

Lin Floyd said...

you are both still just kids..happy birthday robert. I too am impressed by your righteous example to all.

Dawn Mercedes said...

xoxo! You are awesome!

Nikki said...

Very sweet!

cherrystones said...

61 is nothing. Wait til' you're my age! Happy Birthday!

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