Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day revisited

Did you know that Mrs. Jarvis specified the spelling of Mother's Day to be apostrophe s, not s apostrophe. It is a day to celebrate YOUR mother, and not all mothers in general. Well, in my book that's as it should be. I'm the mother here!

Lovely breakfast made mostly by my husband who had cancelled all early morning meetings so he and I could drive to and from church together. Talked to Dawn and her kids in the morning. Opened lovely gifts: super watch and votive candle holder about mother and heart, amazing tree with roots necklace (will post a picture later), super paper so that I can make cards...IF I ever get back to making cards and 3 of these balls which make for fizzy or milk baths (this from Robert). Church talks were the best ever...EVER! We chuckled and giggled and gasped for breath. All our meetings ought to be this way and not just rehashes from articles written and regurgitated back. One man spoke instead of his wife who told him it could be his gift to her and he was perfect! Absolutely. I personally think Eric needs to be assigned to talk about once a month. Teri spoke on how her father made her a better mother and since she has 2 dads it was very touching but so much fun...and oh so true. And Lauren gave the tender talk about children and their moms. It would have been easy to drip a tear had I had any kids with me that day...young or old.

We finally got home (Robert had 4 I ask you, who wants an interview on Mother's Day?) and had a sumptuous dinner albeit frozen. Saturday we had gone to Giant Eagle for something or other and we were looking for something Robert could cook himself. I discovered to my joy that they carrry P.F. Chang frozen dinners that you cook. We got the Orange Chicken and in 12 minutes thought we were at PF Chang's. It was so spicey, the veggies crisp, and the chicken not rubbery.

Then we were off to the cemetery to put flowers on my mom's grave. Dawn always reminds me that she's not going to do that for me and that's OK. I do not require it. But my mom did and I think that she's been 'talking' to me (thanx Teri for that suggestion) because she knew I was dragging my feet about going. Our furnace/AC doesn't work, the garage door broke, and Saturday we awoke to a flooded basement. We figured we'd better get to the cemetery visit before something horrible happens.

Then I came home and lounged the day away. It was nice.

Yes there are many mothers who celebrate the day but I'm the mother to my 5 and it needs to be apostrophe S.


Lin Floyd said...

sounds like a perfect day with a thoughtful hubby in charge...I never thought of decorating my mom's grave but did think of her also our other mother in heaven who will remain unnamed for now.

cherrystones said...

It's raining again today. Did you put down her favorite flowers? How many? I'm sure she loves them.

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