Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

This was a busy day for us, workwise even tho Robert didn't have to GO to work (that's a blessing and a surprise in itself). But as the day finishes with a storm brewing outside I thought I'd post some pix and some comments.

Last Sunday as I was driving for church in Seven Hills, I passed truck after truck of the men from VFW and AmVets putting up flags all down Lake Road and Abbe Road. They had step ladders in the truck beds and as they were get to each telephone pole, the truck would stop, a veteran would carefully put the ladder against the pole and even more carefully climb the steps to install the new flags. It's a service they do each May and then after Labor Day, the flags are removed. Until Sunday I thought the flags were put up by the city. How wrong I was! But I was moved by the continued dedication and love of country these veterans have. And I am grateful...and wrote and told them so. It made my Sunday more of God's Glorious Sabbath.
Here is a picture I just took down our street, Lake Road (RT. 6). You can see the flags if you look carefully. I should have taken the pix before the dusk arrived. The top flag is the one right outside our home.

At 8am this morning, a young man came to the door, brought by his mom. He had asked Robert if he could come and do some chores for us that would help him earn his way to Scout Camp. And who wouldn't find chores and money to help a kid who didn't just want a hand out. So they worked in a very hot morning, cleaning out the overgrown flower garden behind the house as well as mowing the lawn and laying out an extension pipe for the sump pump overflow. In doing so Robert discovered this:
Now what these are I can only describe but I am hoping someone knows and will tell me. Years and years ago, my mom called me on the phone very excited and told me to run up and check out the backyard. It turned out that years before then she had planted this bulb which wouldn't grow every year but would suddenly just appear. And the flower that will suddenly appear for about 1 day is spectacular. I think it might have grown one more time in my mom's life. When Roger was digging everything up and tossing things, I thought it wise to dig up the bulb and plant it at 809. We did that and it blossomed one year. I alerted Molly that there might be a huge something growing in her backyard when we moved up here. Little did I know that it had multiplied up here at 3830 and has produced MANY of these whatever. Right now, the tips of the flower pods are higher than my waist level. I will be sure to post pix of the blooms when they appear. This year we will have quite a sight, I assure you.

Here is a picture of my also is taller than it has ever been. We only got 2 to grow up here but am happy to report that many are still producing at 809. I wonder if I could go sneak in there some night, blackened face, black clothes, and grab me a few, that wouldn't be kind. Everyone needs Jacks in their backyard.

Here is a picture of Robert beside the peonies. Roger used to call them PE - O- nees, Long O vowel accented. The very pink ones my mom had. The couple of white ones in this pix, more on the other side, are flowers which generations previously came from Etzel's first home in Grafton, the old Law Farmhouse on Law Road. When they moved to Strongsville, we made sure to plant some at 809 and then when we moved here we transplanted them here. Don't you love his tshirt? The Christensens gave it to him for his birthday and yessirree, he does grow our food.

Here he is nurturing the plants he's already planted. And he's wearing the Lake Orion tshirt he got from the Barretts...their school district.
He had just planted some marigolds around each raised beds in hopes of detering the bugs. Turns out that again this year we have a bunny for him to catch. On the left are the larger tomato plants and in front of him are tomatoes which will produce later.

Robert is very pleased with these onions. They are very tall and seem to be growing well this year. In this raised bed is also cukes, cilantro, and some cauliflower. In another raised bed, he's trying his hand at growing candy apple onions. These are huge and will make amazing onion rings if they produce as they are supposed to.

So all in all, we had a great day. I believe each of my kids had a BBQ or went to one, or some party or other. Jocelyn took first place for her pie in that contest and you can get the recipe from her blog. Be aware that this made into a pie but originally it made a different sort of dessert. You make the Ritz crust but then crumble it, put it in the bottom of a custard cup, and then scoop in the raspberry ice on top, with more crumble over that. Marissa always wanted me to make double the crust cuz it's so good. But you can make it into a pie, as Jocelyn did...and then you, too, can earn a star/ribbon. This recipe was from my dear friend, Betty Damron. She was actually friends of my mom and my grandmother but when Robert and I moved back to this area, she became a special friend to me. She was a woman as sweet as this recipe, and so kind to the old women in our ward.

I hear Marissa and Hank enjoyed 4 hours at Ikea. Not sure how that can be since Marissa hates shopping. But maybe NYC is a better place to shop. Let's hope Hank is going to change Marissa and she'll become a shopper. That would be fun.

And lastly, a special thanks to all the veterans who served to keep this country father, my 2 stepfathers, my aunt (a Marine,no less), my uncle, my godfather, and my grandfather who served in The Great War for England. I am grateful for all who do serve but I have to say, I am also grateful that Robert nor Jordan were required to serve either in VietNam or whatever current wars we fight today. This is something I don't think I could do, am grateful I didn't have to, but honor those who did.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Love the shirt, Dad!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Oh yeah, and Dad you look great in your shirt! Glad it fits you so nicely! It's so perfect for you, if I do say so myself! :)

Lin Floyd said...

sounds like a full day, we enjoyed just being home alone too after lots of visiting earlier in the weekend.

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