Saturday, May 01, 2010

May Day

I have always loved May Day...and not for the Communist in me (no, I'm not Communist...just a Marissa sense of humor there). So today I sent quite of few friends a picture of a flower with this comment:

It was always a tradition in my home that I would get up early on May Day and sneak out and pick some flowers for my mom. My kids did the same for me. A week ago, Jordan gave me the idea to send a virtual flower since he sent me one when he gave me a retelling of a dream he had had about my mom. It was so sweet. So to each of you, I wish a Happy May Day. Hope you have this tradition. If not try starting it….and if you have kids, send them out to get you a flower, or a neighbor…but get a flower..steal one from someone else’s garden(that’s always a possibility) or look for a weed.

THEN I got this response from Marissa:

"steal one from someone else's garden"!

That explains why Jordan and I always felt it was the best thing to do, right off the bat, on mother's day or may day. we cooked up big, exciting, elaborate plans on some of those days to go on a journey through the woods like hansel and gretel, or through the neighbor's yards to find you flowers!

But whatever....I loved getting the flowers. I still love giving flowers. Took some to my hair stylist this morning from the virburnum trees my mom planted in the front island. And told her that really the flowers came from my mom, who she also knew and loved.

May there was a pole dance you could be proud of....communist or not.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Happy May Day...I finally got my flowers...a whole flat of English Daisies for the garden...perenials.

marissa said...

That daughter of yours...and her Commie Pinko Husband who doesn't stand when the flag goes by. It must have all started with the stealing of the flowers. You've created a monster, mom!

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