Sunday, May 02, 2010

Just for the record

I did NOT ever tell my children to actually take flowers from other people's yards. NEVER. NOT matter what you may hear. I just added that yesterday for May Day because it was just one of those funny moments from the past.

And I actually happen to love Commy Pinkos...PLURAL....and I do support that Arizona law. Does that make me a profiler? Thoughts to ponder on a quiet Sunday afternoon.


Lin Floyd said...

well I had to google commie pinko to know what you were talking about.

Millie said...

Posting that comment made me uncomfortable of the thought alone and I knew that out of all the people I know in this world you wouldn't ask your kids to steal flowers from your neighbors yard. Honesty is the best policy and I know that was your motto at home too.

marissa said...

Lin, I wish I had google around the first time I heard that phrase. Instead, I had to use context clues to figure it out, all the while keeping that look on my face to fool mom into thinking I knew what she was saying. Hint: I heard it at a parade as the flag was going by and we were not standing up. I guessed it was a Mcarthy-era thing. I am still guessing on that one.

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