Tuesday, May 25, 2010


3 Christmases ago (2007) Robert gave me 2 wonderful things. One was an incredible black bookcase...tall and handsome. I had wanted to put a shelf clear around the family room, above the windows but we never got around to that. I just needed a bookcase and he found the perfect one for me. The 2nd thing was a new grill which we really needed and which I really wanted. However, purchasing (or even finding a grill) in December is not easy in Ohio. What he found was a 10 burner tailgate grill...something you tote to football games. Nice if we still had kids around even. But we didn't so it was returned with a promise to get one in the summer.

Well, come summer and we didn't buy one. Nor in the fall when they went on sale. Last year Robert said we didn't need a new one, the one we had would do. And we muddled through. I stopped reminding him (hinting) about the 2007 Christmas gift that went back. This year, I thought...THIS YEAR we'd get a new one. Again he said, this old one is fine.

And it was fine until Saturday when I attempted to grill asparagus and what should have taken under 3 minutes took closer to 15. So yesterday, after going out to breakfast with Daphne we hit the stores. Daphne is a great one to go shopping with. She reads and compares square footage, BTU, checks out the grills, the pricing, and calculates. So I bought new grill and declared it our 38th anniversary gift (this Thursday....456 months to be exact). Plus I bought a sturdy cover for it.

I sigh, thinking about grilling, and grills. I think about all the years of grilling straight through the winter months even. There were times we actually grilled during a major snow ...but we were in the garage, trying to keep sheltered. I remember grilling in the heat of the summer. I remember Jordan and Hank grilling with Robert. I remember Cara being late for dinner and not happy about eating her burgers which I had left on the grill to keep somewhat warm. She saw flies on it and freaked.

For being such an indoor person, I wonder why I enjoy grilling. I don't know. It's very tasty. And I like learning from other grillers....like Molly and her dad, Rob, who grilled amazing stuff last Thursday (thanx).

Here's Robert looking happy...wanna know why? I had Sears assemble the grill for us so he didn't have to. Me? I'm just happy he didn't freak out when he saw the size of the grill...which he had to pick up because it wouldn't fit in Daphne's car assembled (and barely fit in Robert's van). I am happy that he lets me have these quirky purchases. Good thing he never sees the retail therapy items I buy on whims. But even if he did, he never would be upset. He's just so even and tender...maybe I oughta grill and eat him!

And if you look closely under his arm, you'll see our old, faithful, but worn out grill.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Thumbs up!!

Lin Floyd said...

looks like a wise purchase and a wonderful companion. You've got it all, wish we lived closer to come over for a bbq, Suzie Q-now I know what the Q stands for...lol!

Sherri said...

I hope the smell of our smoking meat did not hurt any... :) Glad you have something you are happy with!

cherrystones said...

Last night I sliced potatoes very thin, added sliced onion and some "hash brown season" to a Pam sprayed rectangle of tin foil. Wrap them up like an envelope and grill them on low while cooking your meal. Sooo good soooo good. Sweet Caroline.

Dawn Mercedes said...

You are blessed! Bring on the burgers!

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