Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Today i get to play at Scholastic Warehouse sale...the first of four days of play. I can't wait.

Books...I you think books will ever actually get replaced? I put books and articles to read on my iPod Touch but there's nothing like the smell of Nothing like the feel of pages as you run your fingers down the side either to keep place to to make a note.

I know there are some valuable books online and I have enjoyed them. But there's something about hefting a tome and lugging it around...or stashing a small one in my purse and pulling it out.

Books! I love books. And after I get home I get to go to our Gone Rogue Bookclub meeting at Cracker Barrel and discuss The Last Town on Earth. Can't wait. It's a great day...the sun is out and shining and it's warm and I get to get lost for 4 hours in a warehouse of books that have more than just kids' books. I'm happy.

Oh and please go visit Karen's blog. I read her latest post last night and loved it...and the poster which I had to have and consequently ordered it.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Yay for books!

Lin Floyd said...

you could have been a librarian and loved it but guess you did that with mothering and daycare for your own and others. have fun!

JP said...

One of my favorite quotes is from Gary Paulsen, "Read like a wolf eats." and that means books.....not computers. I heart books too.

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