Thursday, May 20, 2010

2 thoughts for Marissa after her comment

This morning Pam called, as always, to announce we will be having a simply gorgeous day...sunny and about 78 degrees. I was delighted since I have some running to do and replied, "Oh great! I am thrilled...I think I'll wear a dress!" A bit of a silence met me on the other end and then as nicely and as typically Pam as she can be I hear these words: "Knowing it's going to be sunny and beautiful and warm will never make me run to wear a dress." Pam doesn't own a dress. The one she had for her son's wedding last year has already been tossed out.


My mother-in-law was 60 years old when she became a mortician (and didn't seem to mind crusty dead bodies).

I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

I'm 61.


Lin Floyd said...

wow, quite the edgy post today...You became a wife and mother and community/church leader when you grew up and you still are. Also a friend to many. I salute you. As for our deceased common m-i-l she was always into something and trying to get ahead, perhaps because she grew up in a small farming community with little advantages? It's too easy to judge others, we need to instead see their value and acknowledge that to them. Thanks for your example, friendship and love over the many years Susi Q.

marissa said...

Atta girl, Pam!

Seriously, what fun is a beautiful day if you can't run around or climb a tree or lasso a cow because you're wearing a dress?

A whole post dedicated to my comment! Thanks, mom.

JP said...

Become a mortician since you are intrigued by dead bodies.

Millie said...

You were and stii are a woman full of many trades...great!

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