Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ron Buchanan's video/song

Here is Ron Buchanan's newest offering...his original song and the video his daughter, Glynn, put together. Here is also his comments:


The link below is to the brand new video to my song “The Lady” which is on the c.d. “Freedom.” I hope you will watch the video and will feel inclined to forward it to all your friends and relatives. We are also asking that everyone send it to their local and national conservative talk show hosts.

I wrote “The Lady” (allegory) out of my deep concern for our nation and for our liberties. Glynn Urban, our daughter, put the produced the video. Glynn also wrote and recorded the title song for our c.d. “Freedom.” At the end of The Lady video is a link to “Freedom” where you can enjoy Glynn’s talents as a singer/songwriter.

Again, please forward this to all. We desire all to have it and for all to be aware of the precarious nature of our freedoms as Americans.

Thank you all

Ron "Buck" Buchanan

1 comment:

Lin Floyd said...

thought provoking-thanks for sharing.

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