Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Ever appreciate the fact that your kids grow up and actually know you? If yours don't then I feel sorry for you.

Jordan sent me the following. He figured I would need it. And if you know me, you know altho he was teasing he was also totally serious. I so do not like the out of doors. And if anyone wants to get this for me, I will most definitely wear it...just buy the correct size. I don't want any openings for bugs to get through.

Spring and Summer are wonderful and the flowers we transplanted here are growing stronger than last year. Today, if you haven't read Robert's blog, we bought more. Naturally we won't plant them til May but they are ready and they are beautiful. The Viburnum are beginning to flower and the smell is wonderful. I would like to bottle this and have it year round. So there are moments I do run outside and sniff those trees. And I do appreciate nature...just from the inside looking out. OK stop laughing...cuz you will need to use the chuckles when you see the following picture that Jordan suggested.


teamk said...

Seriously! He needs to give it to you for Mother's Day!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

You practically need those indoors too when it's Midgie season!

Millie said...

Oh its very fashionable...I must become one of the paparazzi's, I'll have to peep through the fence for a good shot of you for my blog...LOL...LOL!!!

Lin Floyd said...

It looks practical, why not? I hate mosquitoes.

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