Saturday, April 17, 2010

meandering thoughts

Just finished reading the book, Mary, Martha, and Me by Camille Fronk Olson. I got it out of the library and have decided that I need to own it so I ordered it from Amazon, used but in great condition for very cheap. I'm thrilled. It was a good read to see the Martha at the first turn into the Martha at the last. And discuss the ways to get from here to there by each of us. (I also ordered a copy of John Wycliffe's Bible and I cannot wait for its arrival here)

Jocelyn sent me pix of Scarlett's first date with her dad...a dance, no less.

What a bittersweet moment that probably was. As I saw the one where they are walking to the car, I thought ahead to the moment when Steve has to hand off his darling to a young man....and he'd sure better be worthy of her and the trust Steve and Jocelyn and all Scarlett's ancestors will try and give to him. Luckily she's young still...with years left to be daddy's little girl, and to have many more such dates as these. How trusting our kids are at this age. How perfectly they believe in us. How sad ages often changes this. But for not we treasure those moments.

Last week we were in Cbus visiting Jordan, Hillary and Lily and I noticed this picture on their mantel and now it is the initial picture on their blog
And then, as I think each time I check into their blog, I think...look how at ease Lily is on her mom's lap. See how happy she looks cuz her daddy is probably talking to her as he snaps the picture. Isn't life wonderful at this age. She's the center of attention. She's got all the soft words spoken to her, cuz she hasn't done anything 'naughty' yet. And why can't that continue? Even if the 'naughty-while-trying-out-our-wings' stage starts before we know it's coming and lasts longer than we want. Don't we still stretch our wings, even as old people? Don't we want kind, soft words spoken to us?

Sure we do. And oh the protecting spirit we have for our precious matter the age. We willingly fight dragons to protect these children. No matter the cost.

And yes, we can change our behavior and attitudes and become the later Martha. We all get to do what we do best. As long as we Seek the one thing that is needful. Ahhh....priorities in all things, every day. Today it's a date with Daddy. 'Tomorrow' it will be a date with Father.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

It was bittersweet but beautiful!

Millie said...

What a beauty...Scarlet will soon grow and she will enter the temple with that worthy return missionary.

For Lily I know she will do the same as Scarlet, until then she will giggle the lives of those around her.

Lin Floyd said...

I've missed your comments on my blog but am happy to read yours. We are in California visiting family.

Dawn Mercedes said...

Didn't they just talk about Martha in conference this time? Hope you were able to hear it.

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