Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Hellos from and to my mom

Mostly this entry is for my kids who have asked to see. But first....

This morning I WALKED outside to get the mail (still hate it that I have to go to mailbox at the street instead of having a pretty gold box outside my front door) and as I turned back, my eye caught these amazing flowers, which obviously had always been there, planted by my mom. Definitely never had them at 809. So it was like she was saying Hello...and hooray for the coming of spring. At the end of this month she will have moved along on her path 6 years ago and Bonpapa will have been enjoying his hereafter for 2 years. Incredible.

I continued to marvel and walked around the 'island' looking at the new spring growth, avoiding Robert and the hose as he was washing both cars. And what did I see? I noticed that these lovely peonies had taken root and had started to grow despite the rocks.

The original generation of peonies, like the Lilies of the Valley, came from Aunt Carol's farmhouse/yard on Law Road in Grafton, OH. When she moved to Strongsville we wanted to remember the lilies as well as the peonies. So they came to Paradise to adorn our yard for decades. When we moved here to 3830, they naturally came along with us.

Because of the rocks, Robert wasn't certain they would take root but they have and from here on out, they will multiply and fill the side yard with lovely blossoms. Cannot wait!

There's something so rich and satisfying to see the flowers in the spring, as everyone says, a reminder of rebirth and this comes to all of us, or should. We also had some resurrection lilies as my mom called them but I don't think that was the name for them. We transplated them someplace up here as well...just not sure where. But I do hope they come up. They are NOT the death lilies that are sold every Easter. I so do not like them as they remind me of every cartoon I ever watched (which wasn't many cuz I'm not a cartoon person) but also the dead guy held one of those lilies in his hand. Not a good sight.

For the past solid week, Robert has slaved away in our kitchen. Remember me finishing the quiet books and then pulling off those fruity borders? Well, Robert got the walls started. First he mudded them and made them smooth from the rough texture that appeared. Then he painted it with primer and then this great color. It's warm and very cozy.

We transferred the pictures Kent Newswander took of Half Dome from the front room to this wall in the kitchen, where formerly my Lady at the Well dwelt. You'll notice the tea cart and if you've been reading my blog awhile you'll know her history and memory. On it are a couple of my succulents, the first one I ever received and it was from Diane. She said this one was stubborn so we named it Ron, after her husband. Also are some shells we gathered from St. Thomas as well as the "Friend" rock from Robin.

Here's our table, with the runner that is filled with my small collection of glass...I know there's a name for them but at the moment, I can't recall it. They been put away for a few years but a couple of days ago, Daphne came down with the frog one, right in the front of the picture. She had gotten it for us on her cruise. OH, and by the way, the collection being shown off this way is a result of seeing this in the latest copy of Midwest Living magazine that Robin shared with me when we drove to Cbus.

I began this collection with the large one in the back. Gary and Connie Greene actually gave it to me when I was going through a very hard time, a difficult time, a time of struggle to keep my head on straight, to keep breathing and eating, to know what was truth and what was not. If you could see it, you could imagine the swirling of space through all the elements as they were reorganized. It gave me such comfort back then and today it is an affirmation that truth will out..another one of my mom's favorite saying.

The walls are still blank as I sort out what I want to do. While in Lewisburg over the Easter weekend, walking the wonderful old streets, I decided to take pictures of some OLD stuff. I am thinking I'll have them printed up and framed and use that as an arrangement on the walls. There currently are no curtains (which ought to make Marissa happy that I dumped the sheers). I have bought some lovely valences but Robert wanted to just see the windows without for awhile. I think he isn't too fond of the ones we bought last year in anticipating this paint job. But it's OK...I'm not fond of them either right now. I'll start looking again and see what comes to mind.

Even my little desk looks better, and cheerier. The desk chair is still mauve and so it will either have to be recovered or replaced.I'd like to go with recovering it cuz it really is a great chair. Very comfy. Perhaps Millie's X is still in the business and could recover it for me. He did it for my, this very chair, years ago. I will have to ask her or if she reads this entry she will call.

The corner here worked nicely. Daffodils are from our yard, too. Just to show you that there's a nice red rug in front of the sink...but will the counters be able to stay this nice for long?

And finally the frig for no other reason than to show you that my mom's cock-a-doodler has returned to the top. Robert loves this guy cuz he's the National Bird of France...or so he said. But Mr. Doodler does look better against this color wall.

So my mom said "hello" with the flowers out front in the island. Maybe this is me saying 'hello" back to her, with a new kitchen. If anything my mom loved to paint and try new colors. I just wasn't gifted with her talent in this area. Good thing Robert is.

So there you are kids. Now, doesn't anyone want to come over, help me and Holly strip off the wallpaper in the dining room and start the painting? Cuz let's face it, Dad is getting older and is very tired these days. He needs a lot of help.

PS. Jocelyn wanted the rooster to have a more prominent place and she's right. So right now he's on my desk, next to my computer and he's very good company. Now he needs a French name. The Covered PC roaster is back on top the frig and the lovely 6 drawer small chest that Marissa gave me is now under the tea cart. Also on the table is a lovely Circle of Friends thing that Yoh and Hong-Ju gave my mom before she died. It has 4 children from various lands encircling a 'globe' that is just like my other glass pieces.


Lin Floyd said...

sounds like you are having fun doing spring your spring flowers and great attitude

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Well, the kitchen is just too cool! I love the color. I think the bird on the fridge needs a more prominent role in your new kitchen!

We'll come "help" some time in April...

Ann Flower said...

Your home decoration is so beautiful, absolutely breathtaking. Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas, and for sharing all these beautiful details.

Kate said...

Looks great, love the color.

Millie said...

Susan I love the kitchen, it looks better than the marble design I hand painted in 1998. Are the walls red & tangerine, because it looks like my living desogn. I living room colors are deep cranberry red & terra cotta with some olive greens & choclate brown. that is too funny...its amazing how 2 great minds could actually think alike. About my X...yes he still could do your chair...but I may have to check this chair, because maybe we can both upholster it ourselves. I'll have to come over and see it. I have reupolstered many furniture before and I must say I did do a nice job on them...especially chairs.
Good Job Hatch's.

Robin McCleskey Falke said...

Love it!!! The colors, your collections, and everything has a special warmth and meaning. Soooo cozy, kind and welcoming. It is a family/friendship kitchen!!!
I feel the spirit when I am in your home and it happily still dwells in the "home down the block".
I like to go into ones home and just stand and look, admire and let my heart feel everything. The Yosemite pictures.. so nice, the little chest of drawers... wonderful; the succulents... one of my favorites; the beautiful glass collection.. each with a special memory and soothing to touch; and Mr Doodler.. the memory of the your sweet mom in that kitchen; red rug, daffodils and your computer corner... all so appreiated at when you are facing that spot.
Great Job... it is you!

Dawn Mercedes said...

thanks for the view

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