Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter 2010

We opted to spend the weekend with Jocelyn and Steve's family altho we have a standing invite from Dawn and Ken and heard from Hillary after we got here in PA that we were also invited to Cbus. But this was we got Robert away from work, the phone, and painting.

I boarded Niko at Paws by the Lake Resort but scheduled 4 hours of playtime with the other social dogs on each of the 3 days. The nice thing about that is that we could log onto their site during the hours he was playing and actually get to see him 'play' and play he did. There's a funny sign over one door that says, "A tired dog is a happy dog" and after watching all the play, we figure he is very very happy.

So since we didn't have to worry about Niko, we were able to visit the lovely old town of Lewisburg as well as Bucknell college (and yes, Robert ran into the bookstore on campus and bought himself a t-shirt). That campus so reminded me of Miami University...not quite as pretty but very quaint and beautiful. Great setting on the Susquehanna River.

I was able to shop around a bit, and naturally, as always when we go to a new place, Robert allows me to buy a ring or some other piece of jewelry. So I bought a rather fun silver ring to wear on my tall finger, so I can be like jillian Coleridge (and who remembers who she was WITHOUT GOOGLING HER!) or Jill Pavic...with more than one ring on one hand. Dawn saw the pix I texted her and noticed that it rather looks like a snail. I thought that was appropriate since I seem to keep getting slower. But she was kind enough to make the snail represent spring, or Robert's garden, or slow and steady wins the race and even the eternal nature of our lives. Very good, Dawn.

We also bought a magnificient cake from Catherman's. Jocelyn actually took a class from this place for free AND they gave out their frosting recipes, or filling recipes. This cake was a White Chocolate Mousse very light and airy and good. Not overly sweet at all.

We had a great ham dinner that included ORANGE Rolls favorite...but the ones I wrote about previously that Jordan and Marissa would prefer I not make, favoring the standard rolls. But I love these Orange Rolls.

Autumn still clings to her mom and really won't be happy with anyone else. Scarlett is still the Marissa clone. Guy is all boy. There's a chance they are going to get the chance to learn to live with me for 2 days if Jocelyn decides to attend a Stelliot Reunion at Miami University. I've offered to have them stay with us so Jocelyn and Steve could have a good play time without worry. But it could be a great weekend for .... Jocelyn and Steve. Just Kidding...or maybe not.

So we will leave bright an early in the about 5am and head for home. I travel better in the early morning. Robert has to leave for work at 1:45pm so we have to be sure to have plenty of time to make it home, pick up Niko (man! have I missed him. Seeing him on the webcam made me want to reach in and grab him, bringing him to me in reality), and allow Robert some time to rest.

But today, I am grateful for the Savior's atonement and for the Plan of Salvation. This entry was all about the weekend but what I've written is so limited. There were so many truths heard this weekend, concerns shared, plans made. But mostly just grateful for the eternal nature of God, family and lives.

So...Happy Easter. As my grandmother weekly said, today was, indeed, God's Glorious Sabbath.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

It's been a fun weekend! We are so lucky to have you for a playtime visit!

Lin Floyd said...

looks like a fun time with family, we are in texas with my hubby's family hunting for ancestors-so fun!

HJHatch said...

That cake looks delicious! As do the orange rolls. I LOVE orange rolls! Such cute pictures

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