Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Jocelyn's cookie jar had a run in with the floor thanks to wee Guy. I know how much she had wanted the cupcake cookie jar and my comment was to just run out and buy another. It's not that she has to have another but as I thought about it, I thought how much nicer life would be for wee Guy, and wee J, if they could both see a whole jar again.

Sometimes, I put a lot of value on things. Not that that is necessarily bad. It's not. We all have been given stewardships over things as well as callings and family. And I have learned that if we can just replace the broken pieces with at least a similar item, the smart doesn't smart as much.

Once at a garage sale I bought these 2 darling, absolutely adorable planters. One was a set of man's legs crossed as a man does. the other was a pair of women's legs crossed genteely as a woman would. These were then set on a 'swing' that hung from the side of our fence. They weren't big but totally adorable. The man's pot broke 2 years ago and I painstakingly glued it together and it's still holding. Last year, not being able to put them away as I should have, Robert tossed them onto a table in the garage. And a month ago, the lady got knocked off and was in total smithereens. There is no gluing this mess together. Last year I hunted all over the web for another pair but none were to be found. I will continue to search because just having the man doesn't work for me nor for my minimal gardening. But should I find one, I will purchase it immediately. Because I loved that set. It probably cost me all of $1 at the garage sale and will cost me more now...but it doesn't matter. There was just something about those Adam/Eve legs that made me smile. And smiles are important.

My kids finally got around to telling me all the things they broke when they were young and not so young at home, while Robert and I were out. And with each break they had hurriedly glued the pieces together and 2 of the items I never would have guessed. I think there's something rather touching about trying our hardest to glue things back or to try and 'resurrect' them somehow. Perhaps it's just our very limited, but mortal way of trying to be like practice in small ways. To be ready for the Big Way when it comes.

But to all with broken things....glue when you can. Otherwise replace as fast as you can. And if you've seen my leggy pair, and know what to look for, hunt them down for me. Please.


Millie said...

I will keep an eye out for that planter throughout my garage sale finds. Check out the shelf I bought for $8 dollars at a garage sale on my blog. It lovely.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

thanks for this...very good and sweet advice.

marissa said...

Well, I don't know if I would go so far as to say we got around to telling you ALL the things we've broken over the years...

Lin Floyd said...

I bet someone could make you one out of clay....and fire it.

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