Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This week in Paradise

This morning I woke up. Happy that the Kennedy's came to visit us yesterday on their truly marathon road trip. More on that below. Happy that I had successfully finished the 3 quiet books for the ChristensenGrands so that the Kennedy's could transport it to them. But now I had to begin my next goal...which was stripping off the fruit borders in our kitchen. I think Millie put up the border for my mom years ago. My folks loved it. It was 'them' but it's not 'me' (robert tried telling me he liked it but I think he liked it only if it meant he didn't have to work on getting the kitchen done..the walls are very rough and so they will be mudded and then painted) so it needed to go. My plan was to finish the quiet book and immediately strip off the border. So while Robert was at theWorldGym working out, I started to strip off the fruit. I got all the way 'round off but not the underlayer. So Robert came home and naturally took over. Luckily we have a steamer which really impressed him on how it worked. So here he is:
doing his part which of course he says I canNOT do. It's not distaff. And he keeps reminding me that there's water drips on the floor so doNOT fall. Ok, Ok, Ok...I get it.

Yesterday, the Kennedys came for a 4 hour lunch. They left Sunday late afternoon to travel to MI to visit Jacob's mom and sister, and then to stay Monday night with Dawn after playing with the Barretts. Yesterday they arrived here about 1pm. (they left at 5 to travel to visit Christensen in PA, then John Kennedy, then Hugh Kennedy, then The New HatchBatch in Cbus, and MAYBE onto visit Mary Kennedy ? in!) We ate lunch and then enjoyed the lake. Everyone enjoys the lake no matter the season.This is the picture I insisted on taking. I made them take off their jackets. I had asked each family to take a family photo and I would make them up into 8x10s for our mantel. Naturally I only had the Christensen one. So I forced this issue. Interestingly, this bank of ice and's not the bank. It's not the beach. It's actually on top of Lake Erie. When Niko walked out onto it, his spindly legs would break through so we kept him off. Robert rehearsed in his mind his training on what to do for an icy water rescue. The top was fairly solid but I assure you as I did the family, that there probably was no firm foundation.
Here is Sam right at the top, right at the edge before the lake 'begin.' He, too, needed to be coaxed off...but there's something so special about the lake.
Kipp decided to make a sand angel....
He was most happy with the results.

Ella wrote "HI" with a smiley face in the sand. Wonder if passengers on an airplane could read this and realize how much fun it is to live on the lake.

Cody bought this high-powered sling shot (maybe at Cabbelos). And it was a good memory from when Jordan had one, took it to band camp, got it confiscated since it was deemed a weapon (boys and their toys!), and I had to go and reclaim it.
Sam tries his hand with the slingshot, too. These Kennedys are such good sharers.

Robert with Peter and Niko sniffing all over the place. It was a 'vacation' of scents for Nix.

Again, not a really good shot of Jacob...he's there, hopping over the ice caps. Jacob is taking piano lessons and came in and sat down and played the piano for us. He was told that he's old and can't learn. That's a bunch of may take him longer but he will learn. His goal is to be able to play all the hymns but I suggested he run through all the John Thompson books, a few songs at a time until they are mastered. JT teaches the classical way, and it's one thing built on another. It's my favorite line of books.

here we are with cara just before returning home. You can see the lake on the left of the snow/ice but remember...that area is NOT beach. That is an area created by the waves and the defrosting ice from Lake Erie (and yes, the Lake did freeze this year)...heading to shore.

Isn't it beautiful?


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Awesome sand angels! Can't wait to see your kitchen and we LOVE LOVE LOVE the quiet books and tile! Thank you!

Lin Floyd said...

looks like lots of cold family fun...can't believe the mud angels-a new variation on an old favorite. A happy visiting time for all...

Millie said...

I wish I knew you were removing the border because I would of loan you my wallpaper scroller. Once it is scrolled then you would of only needed to spray it with fabric softner,wait 10 minutes and then just peel it right off with no force. But you did it and I can't wait to see the results....take lots of pictures.

Dawn Mercedes said...

Great rehash!

HollyCat said...

Pictures are great! Feel like I was there with you! What a beautiful family!

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